PLDT rolls out the SME Nation TechMobile

At a press briefing yesterday, PLDT SME Nation rolled out their SME TechMobile and gave us a quick tour on what’s it all about.


What’s an SME TechMobile and what does it do? It’s a roving business tech hub equipped to educate budding and long-time entrepreneurs the different business solutions PLDT has to offer to make your business grow and be more efficient. It is equipped with PLDT’s Internet Anywhere so PLDT’s business solutions can be accessed and demonstrated to you when you go inside the TechMobile.

Looking for a point-of-sale (POS) system for your business? See the PLDT CheckOut¬†in action inside the TechMobile. It’s an affordable cloud-based solution that keeps track of business sales, inventories, purchase and work orders, and other necessary tools SMEs can use in real time.


One simple but useful tool they are offering is the EcoFax. It’s a small box that you connect between your phone line and computer and what it does is record fax messages that is sent to you, then digitally transfer it to the PC when it’s turned on for safekeeping or printing. No need for a fax machine and the expensive toner and special paper that it needs.

Another cloud-based solution they are offering to SMEs is the Digivault. It’s an online storage service that can automatically back up your machines to ensure that those important files are secure in case of hardware malfunction.


These are just a few things that you can see at the PLDT SME TechMobile. It’s better if you can see them in action and have experienced personnel walk you through and answer your questions.

The PLDT TechMobile is roving around the metro parking at key business districts before hitting the provinces. You may want to like the PLDT SME Nation Facebook page to keep track on the whereabouts of the TechMobile so you can experience yourself firsthand the solutions PLDT SME Nation has to offer.

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  • Just keep this in mind; do not trust any cloud service to protect your privacy. They are required by law to hand over info on any account on their service, if any govt agent/agency requests for it.