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PLDT SME Nation re-introduces Negosyo Boost

The PLDT SME Nation is part of the PLDT family to enable and address the goals and needs of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs one of which is through their Negosyo Boost packages, a suite of tailor-fit communications solutions to help SMEs stay competitive in this digital age.

negosyo boost

Negosyo Boost was already launched before but they re-introduced it along with two new packages. If you’re starting a business or looking for the perfect communication solution for your business, check our these four Negosyo Boost packages.

The Negosyo Boost Connect offers a DSL connection of up to 2 mbps and a PLDT business landline. This package is suitable for small offices, retail shops and even auto shops that need affordable high speed internet for their expanding businesses at just Php2,600 a month.

The Negosyo Boost Launch bundles a DSL connection of up to 1 mbps, a PLDT business landline, an xPad netbook, and a 3-in-1 printer for Php3,000 a month. This bundle is great for small offices and start-up businesses that need all the basic equipment and a dependable internet connection to run their businesses.

The Negosyo Boost Branch bundles a DSL connection of up to 1 mbps and one static IP address that enables inter-branch connectivity for those with multiple offices like restaurants, bakeshops, coffee shops and retail chain stores. This package is for businesses with five branch sites or more and SMEs pay only Php1,300 a month.

The Negosyo Boost Internet Anywhere enables SMEs with remote branches like restaurants, tourist bus companies, or resorts with high-speed wireless internet connectivity. This package offers internet connectivity of up to 3.6 mbps and a wireless 3G router at only Php1,800 a month. This is what JAC liner uses for some of their buses with internet connectivity.

The Negosyo Boost communication solutions are ideal for start up and expanding SMEs as it provides them with a fast and reliable internet connectivity and necessary business tools.

“œThe packages are priced conveniently to give SMEs cost-effective solutions to help them grow their business without putting much strain on their pockets,” said PLDT SME Nation Assistant Vice President Amil Azurin.

[PLDT SME Nation Negosyo Boost]
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    To Whom It May Concern:

    Our company really feel very disappointed when we avail the NEGOSYO BOOST LAUNCH this Jan 2011. From the time we changed from PLDT PROF to NEGOSYO BOOST, we already encountered a big problem because the recipients of our e-mails both locally & international encounter delays in receiving the e-mails we sent to them. Such delays are from 1 week to more or less 1 month!!! We thought that it will boost up our business because the connection will already be faster than before but its the opposite. Now, our local suppliers were all shocked why they kept on receiving our old e-mails again & our clients abroad (US & Germany) are already confuse & getting irritated why they are receiving old e-mails wherein the issues were already settled/closed long ago. We are an agent of foreign garment importers & whats happening now confuses us all. Garments are very critical in terms of the details so what we are presently ecountering (specially yesterday) makes us (our buyers, our suppliers who are local manufacturers/exporters & our whole office) all mixed up!!! I have already reported this before several times & yesterday 2x by phone call & e-mails but till now, its not yet fixed!!! We don’t know what’s happening!!! We don’t know to whom we should report this problem where we will get an immediate action as it really affects our business!!! I even called the SME Nation Pasay City Branch where we avail the said promo but their numbers are all just ringing!!! I even tried to called up their suppervisor but, still to no avail. They are just good in their offer but in terms of service, I can say that its really a disaster!!! I hope that the proper person who has concern with their clients & have conscience can read this message & make the immediate & proper action before it really affects our communication with our suppliers most specially with our international clients. Thanks in advance.

    • pldt is the worst provider of internet services. they are good in advertising but quality of service is poor. they promise things they don’t do (ie provide 1.5 mbps upgrade last feb 2012 but until now dsl speed is 1mbps max!). PLDT Hotline is also terrible, doesn’t help at all, even worsens your day, they don’t know what they are talking about and how to properly solve issues. it’s best to switch to another dsl service provider. anyone has any experiences with a good dsl service provider for home and for sme’s?

  • @mathias Check out the Google Charts API http://t.co/7zufEdwd

  • joel

    i will agree with you Vangie, when it comes to service PLDT really a big disaster, especially their 171 line that really hard to reach and those unfriendly customer service reps. Kung gusto mong sirain ang araw mo, please call 171 and talk to PLDT’s customer service reps with high quality of no customer service!!!