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PLDT Telpad gets an “app-grade” with TelMeHow

Last Thursday, PLDT held a Digital Media Launch for the TelMeHow app of the PLDT Telpad. This was held in Prive Luxury Club, The Fort Strip.

PLDT Telmehow 1

TelMeHow is an educational online companion used as a source of easy-to-follow information, photos, and instructional videos on special interests and developing new skills. The app has categories that are useful in the household ““ cooking, fashion, travel, photography, first aid, sports, music, language and fitness are some of them.

telmehow 1 telmehow 2

The Telpad app also has experts in the different categories. They showed some video clips with experts on their field. In the instructional videos, Bea Constantino (fashion expert) talked on how to easily shift a daytime look to a night time look. Paul Ticzon (photography expert) talked about how every photographer or enthusiast should know the basics of the rule of thirds in order to do composition in a photo. All the topics are very interesting and engaging and has an audience in the household.

telmehow 3

The digital media launch in Prive focused more on the fashion and photography categories of this app. Mannequins were all over the place, all dressed up with clothes and accessories by Sassa Jimenez.

telmehow 4

They had an activity for all the bloggers and media people ““ all were divided into groups and they had to come up with 4 models, a stylist and a photographer. The task was to style all the models with the existing accessories given, take pictures of them and to have them walk the runway. For those who aren’t well-versed with fashion and photography ““ not to worry because the TelMeHow app has all the information needed to help them out. Of course, units of the PLDT Telpad were all over the place to help everyone out. It turned out to be an enjoyable event with the bloggers and media taking part of the show.

Telpad plans, which starts at P1,849, include landline service (unlimited local calls) and high-speed connectivity at 1.5 mbps supported by PLDT myDSL. It’s a reliable connection that will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted online video streaming or to choose from more than 450,000 apps available for download on Google Play (formerly known as Android Market).

telmehow 5

The Huawei S7 Slim Android tablet comes with 8GB internal memory, 512MB RAM augmented by a 32GB SD card for additional storage. A 0.3-megapixel front camera allows for video conferencing and a 3MP rear camera can be used for taking photos and video.

Find out more at www.PLDTTelpad.com. Existing Telpad subscribers can also download the TelMeHow app for free from the website.

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  • Hmmm… nakaka-tempt naman lumipat ng PLDT. Kaso, mas maganda pa rin speed ng Globelines na 2MB at P1,200 na I’m enjoying right now 🙂

  • Griswold

    ok yung speed ng PLDT DSL namin. i mean hindi ganun kabilis (plan 999 lang eh) pero consistent kahit anong oras. bihira pa masira.

  • slifer

    wired ba ang telpad o wireless?

    • wired yung handset… but the tablet is wireless.

  • mARLON

    gLOBE lagi walang signal.

  • matt

    saan ba makakabili ng ideos s7 slim battery kasi mahina na bat ko at mag kano