PLDT’s PhP 5/min VoIP

PLDT’s prepaid “Budget Card” now lets Pinoys call overseas destinations for only PhP 5.00 per minute. It’s not exactly advertised on the Budget Card’s web profile, but PLDT has been distributing flyers to its landline subscribers that they’ve lowered their rates.

Yes, that’s 5 Pesos per minute!

At an exchange rate of PhP 56 : US$ 1, that’s about 9 US cents per minute. Still more expensive than the SkypeOut standard of about 3 US cents per minute (inclusive of taxes and all that), but for the Juan dela Cruz who doesn’t have a PC and a decent (read:fast) Internet connection, that’s cheap enough!

Note that the card says “Powered by Net2Phone.” This means Budget Card calls are cheap because they’re actually coursed thru the Internet. Yes, it’s in fact Voice-Over-Internet Protocol. PLDT is (quite unfairly?) competing with local value-added service providers in the VoIP space.

Calling abroad?

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  • Wanna screw greedy telcos even more? Use this hack to SkypeOut to the US for free.

  • Yes, that’s a cool hack, albeit somewhat limited. Gotta try that also. 🙂

  • The incumbents are first to take advantage of the VoIP VAS deregulaton.

  • good for us! pldt has been using voip and charging consumers a lot for its budget card. with the new ntc voip ruling, they have no choice but to lower down the cost or be left behind by tought competitors.

  • ofwdude

    Anyone use TalkStop products from Has anyone heard of this service? I have been using their product for two months now. Good alternative with Low rates 2.9 cents US etc… No contract, no monthly charge, no setup fee, just buy their USB phone. Works great from laptop. Free unlimited NetPhone to NetPhone. Features with call forward, voice mail, conference call, crystal clear voice like regular phone. Check it out.

  • hey guys,
    VOIP is the thing for the 21st century. this is the trend nowadays. we should not let ourselves be left behind. you can call us or canada for as low as $.03/minute. thats only P1.50. if you need to know more about it or would like to have one, just let me know. i will help you. you can text me at 09162590446. tnx.

  • Interesting, what think company`s coe about it?

  • Voip Rate Exchange to compare prices