PLDT VoIP for DSL subscribers

PLDT has launched ID-DSL: International Dialing for DSL Subscribers. Details. The calls may be placed through the PC (“VoicePad”), or through the handset.

For the latter, I believe there is technically no need for a DSL subscription since the call will be handled by a voice gateway on the PSTN. PLDT probably wants to limit it to DSL/data subscribers so that they won’t be offering VoIP to the “public” yet. They also lock the ID-DSL subscriber to one a year contract, which can’t be done to casual IDD long distance users.

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  • hey guys,
    VOIP is the thing for the 21st century. this is the trend nowadays. we should not let ourselves be left behind. you can call us or canada for as low as $.03/minute. thats only P1.50. if you need to know more about it or would like to have one, just let me know. i will help you. you can text me at 09162590446. tnx.

  • langya yang pldt. pwede naman mg voip pinagdadamot pa nila. aysus! bulok yang pldt!

  • madaya pldt dapat approve na nila individual voip. madaya na dupang pa!

  • di pa tlga free ng pldt i have a unit here as in free call talaga sa lnadline and cellphone.. dito na kayo no! text nyo ko 09273214669

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