PLDT: We will address your concerns

In light of the numerous articles we’ve published here at PTB, hundreds of PLDT customers have shared their opinions and frustrations about the telco’s services. We got an email from one of their business partners expressing their willingness to address customer complaints.

Hi Pinoy.Tech.Blog,

I am Taya Paidomama, working for Edge Technology Corp, a business partner of Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT).

I am wondering if it would be possible that you could share with us the contact details of those who posted their concerns regarding the services of PLDT. We would like to take the opportunity to address their concerns the best way we can.

Should you need our credentials to verify the authenticity of our company, we can provide you with our company profile and PLDT’s certification for your reference.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind assistance. We hope to hear from you the soonest.

Taya B. Paidomama Jr.
Senior Accounts Manager
Office# (02)638-3817
[email protected]
2nd Floor Intrepid Bldg, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis QC

Since we cannot give away user information from this blog, we’ll let the readers contact PLDT thru one of their representatives. You may contact them thru Taya and give your PLDT Customer number along with issues or problems you have encountered with PLDT.

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  • thanks for this. I am so sick of their service. Nothing has happened to the improvement of my DSL. Oh yes, they called me twice though…to make sure that I pay on July 16 and I’m not even overdue. ssshhhhessshhh

  • you have to ask yourself why an account manager of a PLDT business partner should take a sudden interest to looking into numerous complaints about their principal

    nobody I know in a sales organization spends time and resources looking into disgruntled and victimized customers

    if she was tasked to do that then her/his title should read customer service manager

  • raymond

    If they don’t improve their service, as soon as I get an alternative broadband provider in my area Im switching I won’t mind paying their dumb “additional” fees rather than pay monthly for their “non existent” service. Giving that kind of comment without any action is the pldt way so I am really hoping that that won’t be the case this time .

  • Cee

    I disconnected my DSL subsciption because it was really slow, the tech support was really poor.

  • wrote to Mr.Paidomama- letter sender that started this all- I most probably pushed his button reading from his reply below

    ” Please be advised that
    EDGE’s intention is to win the clients back and make them understand that
    EDGE is here to help. We do agree with you that we should indeed be looking
    for sales. As the Senior Account Manager of EDGE, I have been tasked and
    given the challenge to win back lost clients. That being said, it would be
    a great help obtaining the contact details of these clients from Pinoy Tech

    However, is Pinoy Tech Blog really capable of providing us such information
    since you mentioned that “Did you really think a blog writer would share
    contact details”. As such, it seems that you not also be able to get such
    contact details. If this is so, then Pinoy Tech Blog is just a site that
    serves its purpose of posting comments/complaints to make the concerned
    individuals/corporations aware of such comments but with no intention of
    going the extra mile of providing the establishments the opportunity to
    address these concerns in order to have a “win-win situation” – thus,
    everybody is happy.

    For everyone’s information, Edge, as a channels partners of PLDT, was able
    to save some big accounts who already had the full intent to discontinue
    their services of PLDT. Edge is currently touching base with several other
    accounts to have them stay with the same.

    It is also good to mention that PLDT is a very large corporation serving
    about 85% of the total Philippine market. With such a big clientele, PLDT
    entered into a partnership agreement with EDGE with the intention of
    improving client relationships by way of serving as a bridge between PLDT
    and its customers who may have been unserved by some individuals within its
    own organization. This is not reflective of the organization as a whole.

    In view of the above, we look forward to the assistance from PINOY TECH BLOG
    in furnishing EDGE with the contact information of such unsatisfied
    clientele for us to touch base with and fulfill our goal of providing a
    win-win situation for PLDT, its clients and PINOY TECH BLOG as well.

    The best solution is being part of the solution. What do you think? ”

    …did I hear clueless???

  • I used to administer multiple cybercafe using PLDT DSL and compared to BAYANTEL’s DSL the latter has better support

  • We’re in the brink of disconnecting PLDT last time, because for no reason, the DSL connection in the entire Metro suddenly went down. True or no-true, this is like waving “We’re crappy” over their heads.

    At home, we stick to Bayantel. Though I had problems with them connecting my line, all is well now. No complaint from day 0.

  • Reia

    Instead of asking for people’s contact info, why don’t they just start working on improving PLDT’s service right away? What are they trying to do, placate the angry customers who are posting complaints on the internet to do damage control? That would be spotty customer service. Besides, when you read the user comments, you’d get a pretty clear idea which aspects PLDT needs to improve on and fix. You don’t have to get the contact information of the disgruntled customers.

  • Kat Rodriguez

    I have been applying for DSL since May 19 and each and every time I call the customer service tells me that they have not created a service order and they always have a lame excuse why it hasn’t been created. I have to explain my request every time I call. You would think this day and age customer service would be a priority. So disappointing.

  • rolly

    PLDT sucks! I expected a much higher level of service from their company but I am quite disappointed. We never experienced a single day without disconnection in our DSL. I dont want to spend any more time calling their customer hotline so, frustrating. PLDT has not performed their service as it should. They are just good in collection but they have a negative rate of service.

  • Fred

    Degraded and no service on PLDT DSL. Call and report the problem and the CSR is clueless on any technical term dealing with the problem ask the technician call with a status report in a timely manner and was told “remote testing takes from 24 to 48 hours” don’t think so! A short tests takes 30 to 60 SECONDS a long test takes 15 minutes. What are the technicians doing, sleeping? With this poor customer service that they are providing is nothing short of dismal. Just tried calling again and their CSR hung up the phone on me twice after waiting for 30 minutes for them to answer the call.

  • very disappointing! very low connection speed and a bad service! check my speed: very poor! pldt mydsl really sucks! i often encounter this problem, wla naman mgawa ang customer service nila and technicians.. paulit-ulit na problema!

  • ragnarokid

    for me PLDT myDSL is the best against all other internet services, however my problem is the fact that there is always a hidden chargges on all of my bill. it will appear as “services and other charges” coz the only plan that i had applied is the plan P999.00 which is the phone and internet package.everytime my bill came in,its not P999.00. its like im paying more than the plan.
    It really sucks!!!

  • joe

    Pldt myDSl internet connection sucks.We are paying you exact bills and even you are so strict in your collection hence your services are bullshits! if this slow connection will continue i will swith to other provider.I dont think that u can get your clients are pure noobs!

  • maricel

    PLDT really sucks….. my plan is 4000 per month then pldt will charged us 4,230 and reason is their period of 32 days.. monthly or daily…..wew…. Its been 2 days of slow connection and it suffers us a lot..PLDT Technical do your job..”Please bear with us”?Please ur face!!! OLDIES RESIGN…

  • tala

    PLDT = epic FAIL!! its been 6 days now since i reported my DSL internet being disconnected every 2 fukcin minutes! and its not resolved yet! i called their CSR/ repair hotline like 3x a day tpos after 2 days pa ppunta technician, then wala naman nangyayari ganun pa rin problem, it seems they couldnt find out whats the real problem! Service sobrang bagal, then ssbihin nila remote testing, upgrading, BLAH BLAH need to wait till when? FOREVER?? MAGSARA NAKAYO PLDT! BULOK SISTEMA NYO!

    • Mad Subscriber

      Tama ka jan… Very poor service!!
      Service Rate: -50%

  • Mad Subscriber

    Sad service…

    Worst thing:
    I paid my bill last Nov. 12, 2010. Then around 1:00PM on Nov. 20, 2010, I could still used the connection. But when I got logged in around 9:00PM on the same date, I got disconnected from internet.

    I contacted the support and they said my account has temporarily disabled because of my pending bills. I wondered why my payment wasn’t updated my account. Does it mean that the processing of bills is quite delay????
    Wake up PDLT!!! You have an automated payment system.

    You know how much damage because I got disconnected???
    I lost PHP2446.64 for one day. Can you do a refund???? Of course you don’t. So please improve your service!!!

  • nano

    Im having a severe DCing for ever 3 days now.. tsss i called them doesnt take action fck


    please can you fixed our line
    how many times na nasisira evry month na. this the number 02 871 3557 name Violeta S. Gamba. please fixed it na sana d na masiraan uli at sa phone nmin maingay d pa rin napapalitan almost 13years na kmi subscriber khit po DSL na application nmin pending pa rn po.. ang sagot sa amin waiting for the other to disconnect before kmi wow PLDT?? why? ilang bese na kmi nag complain bakit d pinapakinggan.. naka post lang ang request pls..sana nman maintndhan nyo customer kmi na sana pagtuunan nyo. . telephone is very important to us and thats your job i hope that somebody will read this and take the action as my request.

  • jessica

    Please train your people in the customer service. They dont help us consumers with our queries.I already had 4 or even more agents whom I talked to about my problem in connecting thru the Internet via DSL. They were just giving me the same answers but no solutions. Always advised me to monitor 24-48hrs, and it even exceeded the 48hr limit they gave me. False hopes I guess. The 4th time I called, that was just the only time they personally activated my line. (meaning, you/they wont really solve the problem on your end. If I failed to call you, nothing will happen). Please please, do review my calls and do something. I was patient at first but I think I was really pushed to my limits at the end of every call.

    Do something about this.

    It is good that you remind us of our billings, but please,if you really wanted to build a long lasting client relationship with your customers, do your job by not simply just reminding us of our billings, but more importantly when it comes to concerns and problems like these. Be responsive to the questions and dont just give us solutions that we ourselves can do the simple troubleshooting.

  • superman

    bullshit company.. i waited soon 2 months for upgrading my internet speed!! REALLY!!!? Who to talk to, tired of talking to no brainers at your call “service” i need to talk to someone with knowlegde!!!!!!!