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PLDT WiFi Zone will simply get better as it matures

Do you subscribe to PLDT’s WiFi Zone? Or do you know anybody who uses it? How was the experience?

For those of you who are not aware of what PLDT WiFi Zone is, it’s like PLDT’s myDSL but  you can have itoutside your home. For a minimal monthly fee, you can enjoy PLDT myDSL quality of connection in major areas nationwide.

  • for PLDT myDSL subscribers, it’s Php150 per month
  • for Smart or PLDT landline subscribers, it’s Php300 per month
  • or avail of prepaid PINS in participating establishments


What PLDT did was extend the WiFi range and DSL bandwidth of participating establishments to cover more areas. Right now, there are over 3,500 PLDT WiFi Zones nationwide with malls that include Eastwood, Robinson’s, Greenhills, Venice Piazza, etc. Sure, some malls have their own free WiFi but it’s really spotty and unreliable especially during weekends when a lot of people are using it.

I was told by a PLDT rep that each DSL router in an area has a 100Mbps bandwidth and depending on the number of users, a single person can be allotted a maximum of 10Mbps. If you enjoy the speedy and reliable PLDT DSL connection at home, then it’s the same with the WiFi Zone.

Now I can’t really confirm the speed. I was only able to use PLDT WiFi Zone in their Baguio launch during the Panagbenga festival where the whole Session Road (and other tourist spots) was turned into a PLDT WiFi Zone but I wasn’t able to test the connection for downloading or streaming videos. I guess I was caught up with the festive mood, just tried Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. Speedtest only gave me a max of around 1.5Mbps download but I’m guessing it’s because a lot of people were in Baguio that time.

You might be saying, why not just go with mobile broadband which you can take with you everywhere you go?

width="95"Well if you really move a lot then mobile broadband is still the way to go. The PLDT WiFi zone solution is really for those who has a habit of working or frequent places where PLDT WiFi is available. It will kill those expensive per hour rate in coffee shops and other airborne access WiFi’s.

It’s a really good and inexpensive way to extend your DSL at home into places where you frequent. And it will only get better as more places becomes PLDT WiFi zones as long as PLDT can also keep the bandwidth consumption of an area in check. It will also be a huge win for PLDT to rig Ayala malls and SM malls with their PLDT WiFi and I think that’s what’s keeping it from really taking off.

To get a list of PLDT WiFi Zones, you may check this page. Do note that some establishment doesn’t apply to all branches. For example it says Burger King is a PLDT WiFi Zone, not all BK branches are (those in Ayala or SM malls are not).

So who’s subscribed to or tried the PLDT WiFi Zone already? Do share your experience.

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  • JmBalicano

    If they get more coverage, especially with establishments I like to frequent, this would definitely be a great on-the-go solution. I’m already a PLDT subscriber so I’d only have to shell out php150. When my other alternatives are php999 a month for so-called unlimited on my globe tattoo stick or powersurf50 for a consumable 100mb for 3 days, I’ll go for the PLDT add-on every time. Of course, coverage is key.

  • bully

    i will just surf at home. lmao

  • Griswold

    i totally agree here. P150 a month is really cheap for semi-mobile WiFi. now if only they add more areas quickly then i’ll have a go at it.

  • pinoy persuasion

    I don’t see the point.

    • the point of this? well mobile broadband is P900 a month. this is P150 a month.

  • pls give wifi for free

  • rom

    there must be a list of participating stores