PLDT.COM issue settled

Chin Wong reports, Six-year-old dispute on settled:

Court documents obtained by Standard Today show the compromise under which Kaimo agreed to turn over the contested domain, was reached in March.

In a phone interview, Kaimo confirmed the settlement but would not comment on its terms. “œThat’s all I’m allowed to say,” he said.

PLDT spokesman Ramon Isberto also spoke in general terms.

“œA compromise has been reached. The kernel of that agreement is that both parties have agreed to terminate the six-year- old case, and as a result Mr. Kaimo has agreed to turn over both and These are in the process of being transferred,” Isberto said.

Neither side would say how much money changed hands.

How did this start? Wong writes in an older article. He refers to the original post on ph-cyberview (for list members only).

What do you think happened?

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  • Kah-Ching!!

  • might as well cash out, the issue of monopoly has long been dead anyway…

  • What I think is: Gerry wants to focus on what fights to fight, and now it’s the Black and White Movement that needs his attention.

  • PLDT will own the domain, but Gerry pwned PLDT.

  • cash out. he will make more money settling the issue with pldt than monetizing his domain.

  • He didn’t get the domain to monetize it, though.

  • PoshNeya

    How did he beat PLDT in registering that domain in the first place?

  • Now that is a long story documented somewhere… short of it, he wasn’t the first to register it. Some other ISP did, but didn’t renew it. He snapped it up when he was busy with the anti-metering campaign. PLDT didn’t bother registering it, I guess they didn’t care at that time (circa 1998 I think)

  • reactor

    Disappointing, Gerry isn’t much of a prinsipyo guys after all. Ka-ching Ka-chingg!!

  • how can you say that, reactor?

    Gerry Kaimo’s new blog.

  • Xr

    Hmmnn… I smell the color of money all over the place.

  • Telecom business is big money.