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PLDT’s Php5,000 myDSL downgrade penalty

So, I just had my Smart Bro (Smart Wifi) account hooked up and tested this afternoon. Horrendous broadband speeds, really. Just below 50% of the actually published speed.

Anyway, I thought I’d downgrade my 2-year old PLDT Plan 1995 myDSL account to save up on the monthly bills. The existing Plan 1995 is 512 kbps and the package below that is 384kbps for Php999.

I called up their customer support (171) and asked them if i could have my account downgraded. The person on the other line was polite enough to tell me that there is a Php5,000 penalty for downgrades. However, he added that if I wanted to upgrade, there’s no penalty or fee. Wow! I told the customer rep that I’ve been with PLDT for around 15 months now and I’m off the hook in terms of the one-year lock-in period, so why the penalty? He couldn’t answer straight. All he told me that it was policy. Yeah, I know, crap service policy.

How about I terminate my account and apply for the lower plan? Or better yet, I move to another broadband provider. And this is not the first time I’ve rant about them.

I wonder what it will take for PLDT to retract this Php5,000 downgrade penalty? I’m sure someone from the inside is reading this.

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  • Try asking for the terms of agreement. Or do what you described. Terminate the existing connection then apply for the slower bandwidth.

    I did terminate my PLDT DSL recently, and it just required 30-day notice.

  • Why would you downgrade your DSL when you’ve mentioned that Bro has terrible speed?

  • I’ve long wanted to downgrade my account since the 512kbps doesn’t really reaches it peak most of the time. I could use the ~Php1,000 savings and apply for another provider (prolly Cable internet) just for redundancy. I’ve had downtimes before, spanning almost a week, so I think a 2nd/3rd provider will be of great help.

  • I can’t apply for Zpdee or Globe DSL nga eh..

    They don’t cater to our area yet.

  • Rant about it, follow up and make a formal request to have the penalty waived. I know a lot of users that insisted and requested and actually got that P5,000.00 penalty waived for downgrading their plan.

    The trouble is, according to those who did, the services sucks as nicely as the old “upgraded” plan.

  • based on your post, youve been around with pldt for 15 months which is > 24 months(2 years)..

    is your “2 year old plan with PLDT” is a round up for that 15 months..?

    if so, the probability that you signed up for a contract for a lock in period of 2 years for that PLDT plan is = to something around 99% (knowing PLDT / standard operating procedure for businesses with terms and contracts)..

    therefore, penalty is absolute.. no other way around it but to wait the contract to expire.. you signed it..

  • The 5000 downgrade fee was one of the reasons I switched from PLDT to another DSL provider. I’ve been a subscriber of PLDT myDSL for 4 years when I decided to downgrade since they introduced cheaper plans and I didn’t really need more than 384kbps then. (The original speed of my plan was 128kbps during the first year). When I inquired, their CSRs said I had to pay 5000 to downgrade even if the lockin period has been over for more than 3 years already. I can’t remember then if it was in the terms before but I probably wouldn’t have thought about it since what I subscribed to then was already the lowest plan.

    I didn’t bother requesting it to be waived since the other provider had a better offer at the time plus a dedicated IP.

  • That sucks. I opted for WeROAM instead since anywhere connectivity is better for me than speed.

    We had a similar issue when switching from SkyDSL to Bayantel DSL (which also sells SkyDSL). So be careful which service provider you choose…

  • To top it off, PLDT “corporate” DSL has no SLA whatsoever (according to our office IT people).

    My Belltel iCable has been doing great for the past two weeks (after a month of terrible service). Hope to keep it up. I was planning to quit but with all the feedback about the other providers, I think I can stick it out.

  • ITsm

    Get your facts straight first by looking at your actual lock-in period. I was subcribed to their 3000 MyDSL professional product, and past the 2 year lock-in period, I was also harrassed by this penalty when i wanted to move to myDSL 999, since my 24/7 remote support service project was done.

    I tried emailing several times and ranted, and when i was fed up explaining myself to an obviously confused support agent. I just asked to be directed to a senior manager so I can complain the directly and GET ACTION. 3 days after i got a confirmation they will downgrade and there’s no charge.

    Fact is, these competencies in customer servicing is lost when you start cutting corners like what they did. The people and process disjoint is why I went to ITIL and ITSM lecture gigs.

  • gin

    well im having the same problem too regarding the speed of mydsl pldt… i’ve been paying for 2yrs already but i didn’t get the right speed for that plan so i downgraded it they requested me to pay the 5000 for the reconnection of it, i talked to one of the personnel and i explained my side i said i’ve been paying the 2500 plan but the speed they’re giving me is that of the 999plan i think its so unfair so they accepted my downgrade for the 999 plan. but same problem still, speed is so slow imagine getting a 4kbps speed only it doesn’t even reach a 90kbps is this the kind of speed i get from a 999 plan?

  • PLDT sucks

    I’m sure too that someone from the inside is reading your blog, but unfortunately they don’t care.

    Here’s my story: our family signed up for the P999/month plan. Upon receiving the first billing statement, we were being charged P1999! I ignored this thinking that it was some added fees for signing up with them. 2 months later, we were still being charged with P1999 per month. So I personally went to their main office here in Baguio, asked the lady for a downgrade to 999. The moment she said there’s a 5000 penalty, I was like “huh?”. I wanted to grab her head and smash it several times to the desk. First they tricked us into paying 1999 a month, and now there’s a downgrade penalty for something we didn’t want in the first place.

    So we thought that we should let it slide and just enjoy the extra speed…then we started experiencing incessant disconnections. I rang their help desk and all they could do is just tell me that their tech support will monitor our connection, give us a follow up call to check if everything is OK…Sure the connection was better when they rang back…BUT for over a year now, we would experience disconnections throughout the day! One time, we had no internet connection for almost a week. Even the phone line would be out!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for those living in Baguio? Any good Internet providers over here?

  • stanley

    I’m paying two different bills for my landline and my dsl service. The promo(plan 999) came out months after i had my dsl service.

    I did also asked for a downgrade and they first asked me what area i am at.

    Then they told me that their “plan 999” or something like that don’t reach our area.

    The csr then asked me, “if i want to merge my phone and dsl, i will get a Php5000 downgrade fee eventhough my one year lockdown period is way past.

    This is on a separate incident where our phoneline snapped because a container truck snagged it along its way. At first, i immediately called the 173 number for repairs and they told me its going to be attended to. 2 weeks have passed and after venting my frustrations, still no lineman for the repairs.

    Can you imagine 2 weeks without phone and internet access is like?? apparently, i believe a lot of people has experienced this same horrible experience i had with “our country’s leading phone service provider” (big claims for such poor service quality)

    Can we customers do something about the degenerating service we’re paying for?

    Seriously, we’re supposed to be their priority aren’t we, who are generating their overhead funds for maintenance?

  • Vic Fornier

    I thought that there were only a few of us who had problems with PLDT DSL until I came across this blog. I asked for a change of plan from regular landline plus DSL 999 to a DSL 990 line Plus DSL combo and was told that I could only downgrade to DSL 1299 plan. Weird but will it solve my constantly dropped connections?

  • jho2Ross

    can anyone help me what to do…. i just subscribed a 2mbps connection to pldt..i was planning to downgrade it to 1mbps i think that’s P999/mo.my lock in period will lapse this end of december.what should i do? i don’t want to pay a P5K downgade fee…tnx a lot

  • Dating Globe

    May internet naman tayo, try po nyo research your rights. I believed that you could also do what i have done with my ISP. I discontinue the plan with-out any fees at all. I wrote a letter of discontentment regarding the plan and the service. I stated the reasons and the discomfort and bla blah. and after a day my plan with that ISP was terminated. Of course, i have reported the problem with my connection every time it happens and sighting this to my letter, just to prove what i am saying. So if you think its impossible… think twice. May pag-asa ka pa. Know your right. ask a lawyer. no need to go to court…. Just know where you stand…..

    Good luck guys….

  • joephzz

    I have a 3.5mbps biz plan here with pldt..since the day 1 of my subscribing to them i never had a good service from PLDT.. their service sucks..they didny meet the said internet speed .I akways revieve 2.5mbps or lower..thats 1mb lower from my plan, I used it in my internet cafe.they will tell me that it is because on how many users that share my connection? i dont think so cause even my shop is close and im the only one using the internet is stil the same,always experiencing lag and delays, slow connection, take several attempts just to be connected, always get disconnected.. my customers are getting fewer and fewer,everytime i call to their cust service it tooks several attempts just to get connected to them and and they always use the same troubleshooting over and over again still nothing happen..i”m really pissed off to their services, so why paying my bills?it been 4months now since i subscribed to them but i never pay my bills since the 1st bill, i dont want to pay to something that didnt satisfy mem why paying service that suck?no way men!!! I’, just waiting that they will disconnect my line but its 4months but still my line is still active,,can some one help me what to do, i dont want to pay for a sucking service and i dont want to pay or termination fee,is there a way i can do that?

    • pldt’victim

      There’s no way to escape from the virus created by P**T. They just want money, they don’t care about their customer. If you want to be free of charge downgrading, or terminating your D*L line, first make friends with all the idiots inside there.

      For all who will read this!

      Think a thousand times before acquiring the service of P**T, and after that…..


      Because it is you and your business who will SUFFER later.

  • jun

    php500 na lang po downgrade ngayon, kkatawag ko lang ngayon!

    • Richmond Siazon

      They’re charging me P800 for downgrade fee even if i’m beyond my lockin period.

  • baldo

    I really hate it / sabi nila sa akin na 3x daw ng MSF ang babayaran sa ETF / kaya ako magdadowngrade eh kasi naman niloko ako nung agent saSM fairview / sabi libre na lang daw ung landline since may promo sila kaya 990 lang babayaran ko at libre pa daw ung service ng 6weeks / i told them na OK na ako sa 1299 tutal ay may free NDD naman un at konte lang and speed difference / gusto ko na tuloy iderekta sa NTC ung issue na ito kasi nakakainis na…

  • Yan ang THE BEST move kung gusto mo talaga mag downgrade…
    Ipaputol mo ang SUBSCRIPTION mo then APPLY ka ng panibago na mas mababa… since tapos na ang LOCK-IN-PERIOD.

  • James Freeman

    A PLDT agent just left my house, I did not sign up and her's why. Their contract is all stacked in their favor.
    In the contract that you sign, you give them a pint of your current blood and blood in the future if you do not perform, but they can hide behind numerous contractual clauses in regards to:

    1-Poor performance due to acts of God, rain, wiring, proximity to their node or whatever the hell they want to say is the reason.
    2-Increasing charges due to new government taxation increases. Past along to you of course. I will not leave my wallet open to increases.
    3-Cancellation fee of 3X your plan, plus 2,500p for land line. The land line part wasn't even in the contract, but that's what the sales rep told me. I'll take his word for it.
    4-Penal Code 315 allows them to seek criminal charges against you. I was told (I am a foreigner) that it would be reported to immigration; so I could be stopped at the airport and forced to pay, I will safely assume. They wanted a copy of my passport, I see why.
    5-After the year contract expires, they automatically renew you for another year, on the same terms as the last one. One would think they would loosen the noose a bit and allow you to go month to month thereafter, but hell no.

    I could continue with this list.

    As for what I seek, they don't even list on their flyer/application that, the usage for ANY plan listed, is indeed unlimited, or that there is indeed no cap for data usage. Gee thanks, attorneys for PLDT.
    I spoke to a Pinay who spoke good English and she 'verbally assured' [sarcasm] me that there is no data limit or caps. I don't trust a verbal commitment, just like they don't trust me, that's why they make me sign and hand over my passport.
    I asked her why everything PLDT wants is spelled out in their contract, but the two main concerns a customer might have, and there are more than just two, are not spelled out on the contract. (I know why)

    I will stick with my crappy Globe Tattoo wifi box for a 1,000p per month, yeah it sucks too, but at least I am not subject to a bunch of other possibilities that are stacked in their favor. Yeah, they'll throttle me etc; but PLDT does too, they call it poorer service in your area, or something else.

    If people really read those contracts, and refused to sign up, they would provide us with better service and more protections; but instead we say "How soon can you install?" Not me.

    I conclude that I spend too much counterproductive time on the internet anyway. If I owned a profitable business and had no other choice, well, I'd have no other choice. But how many people own a profitable worthwhile business in the Philippines, per one million people? Think about it.

  • I just got my new pldt dsl 990 plan with 1mbps, when i tested it on speedtest.net i only got 400Kbps which is not even half of my plan, i called them they said "that's whay we called it UP TO 1 Mbps", are you kidding me? smartbro usb dongle is faster than this shit, now im suffering to a very slow connection, i cant even connect to my VPS. Im thinking to not pay for upcoming months and just let it sit here. 🙂

  • Jonathan Casela

    Hi ask ko lng nagkatelpad kmi nitong aug 23.biglaan nman po aq aalis ng bansa gusto ng nanay ko pa downgrade sya at landline nlng dw.magkno kya bnyaran

  • johnpaulreyes

    yung 5k na yan, collective fee yan na i-ka-calculate ni Manny V. Pangilinan pang bonus niya para sa panglalalake niya at organize ng mga night-outs sa mga PBAers niya LOL