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Polaroid enters the local phone and tablet scene, affordable units in tow

Polaroid, a brand associated with hipster insta-print cameras, recently joined the local smartphone and tablet market with their range of affordable Android devices. Interestingly, according to the company, their mobile phones and tablets have been doing well in North America and Europe, particularly in France where it’s competing well against Samsung.


Polaroid smartphones and tablets are known to be affordable yet passing Europe’s stringent quality standards. Seeing there’s still room for yet another smartphone player here in the Philippines, they will be competing with the likes of Cherry Mobile, Starmobile, Myphone, O+, and other made for the “œmass” smartphone brands.


Available right now are their range of entry-level single/dual-core Android phones and tablets with quad-core products coming next month. Coming later this year are their quad-core tablets, 2G/3G-enabled tablets,  Windows 8 tablets, a kid-friendly tablet, and their 7-inch tablet with TV.


From their smartphone line, they have the single-core 4″ PROG400 (Php4,650) and 4.7″ PRO4611 (Php5,795) as well as the 5″ dual-core PROGD16 (Php6,995), and the humongous 5.9″ PROG590 (Php7,995). Specs are very similar to what other affordable brands offer. Dual-SIM capability, 4GB internal storage, 512MB RAM, and Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich OS.


For their tablets, they also have a dizzying number of models brought in. There’s the two almost identical single-core 7-inchers, the Rainbow 7 and Pearl 7 that runs on ICS with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. Both are priced at Php3,995 and the only discerning difference is the color and design. They also have the single-core 8-inch Diamond 8 (Php4,995) which also runs on ICS along with 8GB internal storage and 512MB RAM with only a front camera.

If you want a dual-core tablet, the Executive 7 (Php5,495) should do the trick. It runs on ICS, with a 2-megapixel rear camera, 8GB internal storage and 1GB RAM. It also has HDMI output and a 2500mAh battery.


What they highlighted though is the Executive 9.7 (Php9,995), a 9.7-inch 1.6GHz dual-core tablet that is already packaged with a Bluetooth keyboard dock. It has an 8GB internal storage with 1GB RAM and runs on Ice Cream Sandwich.

There’s still a lot of phones and tablet models brought in and I guess it’s best to check them out yourself personally. Fortunately, it’s now widely available in stores and leading malls nationwide. Polaroid products are being distributed through RedDot Philippines. Or you can check out Polaroid Phils. Facebook Page to see the available models and their specs.

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  • Rick

    Wow those screens are really washed off…its like none of the units have IPS technology

    • or maybe it’s just the camera shot along with the lighting.

  • alvir

    ang pangit 😀

  • Griswold

    meh… wala namang pinagkaiba sa mga cherry mobile at myphone eh. magkakapareho itsura pati specs.

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  • Edgardo

    I already purchased this Polaroid PROGD16 and i believe this camera is quite perfect as compare with Cherry Mobile, Torque, MyPhone etc. This three Cell phone that i’ve mention are for give aways. Polaroid has an experience with historical portable camera and best in some polaroid shades and films. The design is perfect hindi BADOY @ PANGET kagaya na mention kung tatlo pang chimaa, kargador, atibp. Cheap polaroid is not just ordinary with the trio los panchos na cell phones. Okay lang kung me pagkukulang pa si polaroid kagaya nang mabagal siya mag rotate, ang battery parang pang chocolate bar @ improve pa ninyo para mainis lalo ang mga naninira sa polaroid. Pasensya na walang personalan mga bloggers cheers.

  • Hacker Mack

    I like this new Polaroid PROGD16, it is just like my iphone 4. My experience is polaroid needs to have a more service branch nation wide. The 3 phones like Cherry, Myphone and Torque are the most affordable Cheap Cell phones and very low degree. Polaroid is a well known pioneer in portable camera, best shades w/ UV and slr films before. So why buy other cheap phones like the 3 muskateers.

  • question lng made in china ba ang polariod, kasi maganda tlga ang cam. nya and i really enjoy it.

    • ohno

      polaroid is a US company that’s been around for a long time. they created the famous polaroid camera!!

  • gat

    wow, so nice.., gusto ko nga rin nito…, applicable ba ito sa viber at skype? PROGD16 (Php6,995)

  • Kamote Q

    I recently brought the Polaroid 7″ QuadCore Platinum MID0748. So far hindi ako bitin sa performance. Polaroidâ„¢ dabbled for a long time in photography and optical lenses. I’m not surprised na papasok sila sa tablet enterprise. They are very generous sa specs and sa retail price. they are so nice. fits nicely in your hand and very fluid when it comes to gestures. So please before sabihin pangit or kaparehas lang sa mentioned above, do educate yourselves and get out more you ignorant fools.

  • Dhey Manuel

    I have a demo of this PROGD16 yesterday and I’m suprised its camera is not 5MP its 8MP and I love its demo after trying and its perfect for me. I am going to buy this on my payday. ^_^

  • Dhey Manuel

    I want to add more about its camera it’s not washed out and the quality of the photos are great just like what the user above said its like an Iphone S4. (^_^)b

  • Dhey Manuel

    Iphone 4S pala hehe churi naover excite nako sa PROGD16 😀

  • almar

    mas ok to kesa myphone at cherry mobile.

  • jhenton

    polaroid tablets are DISPOSABlE. walang parts kung meron man mahal and hintayin mo gang pumuti buhok mo at laos na specs na nabili mo… buti pa cherry mobile and myphone mabilis-bilis naman ang service… ewan nagandahan lang ako sa box haha pero shit pla laman… san ba government agency pwede reklamo mga ganitong palpak na product ? kung wlang pera nakabili kawawa naman pinagipunan mo… tsk…

    • Doraemon

      Hey Dickhead why not just kill your self asshole!, search for Polaroid at wiki and you will know how popular it is! Asshole!

      • eman

        hey mukhang dick popular ang polaroid sa d2 sa pinas as walang kuwentang sirain na brand, kng ina admire mo to isa lng ibig sabihin nyn sirain k din. hahahahaha

  • I recently bought polaroid diamond 9 tablet…hindi ko pa sya masyado naexplore..hinahanap ko yung camera sa likod…wala ba talaga…hindi ko na kase masyadong tinanong yung seller e…

    • Doraemon

      Drill a hole wherein you’re looking!to have a camera at backside. Why in this world there such a moron like you!. If you’re not seeing any, there’s nothing! Asshole!

  • Prof. Ed

    Running on ICS? What a waste! Good hardware, bad software!

    • Doraemon

      Hey another Dickhead!, are you professional enough to tell such things you’d said? Running apps for android requires from 2.1 upto the latest operating system(4.2.2)! Even HD Games doesn’t really requires an updated nor latest operating system for android. Why don’t just call yourself “Professor Dickhead” I think you have a lot of followers here!

  • san ako makakabili nito?

  • Chic Haron

    May service center ba ang Polaroid sa Visayas?

  • Alyssa

    I already purchased one. Yung promo from sun. Actually, it was fun. Pero nung one time na pagka-bukas ko, may lumabas na ching chong languages, then yung features, ay halos kapareho ng sa O+. But. it’s good, i guess

  • jhun magnaye

    may problema po ako sa tablet kong polaroid7 v7 pattern lock po problema.saan po ba pweding dalhin na service center ng polaroid taga Q.C po ako.salamat po

    • chronemojako

      may hardreset or factory reset yan…
      try mo hanapin sa google para dka na mag aksaya ng oras na dalhin sa service center… 😀

  • erich

    I'd warn you guys against buying a coby or a polaroid or anything from red dot philippines. customer service sucks big time. can't call the service center phones and it takes 45 friggin days for you to be updated on the status of the repair. (its day 30 and i recently tried to call them on all of the numbers they have listed on the warranty card, the number that kameraworld sm fairview gave me and even kameraworld) no one is answering all of the damn phones.

  • sonrisa

    San may service center na malapit sa alabang..nde nagchacharge yung phone na nabili ko 2 months ago. I tried other chargers pero ayaw. I tried naman yung charger to diff devices its working naman, so I guess yung phone ang may problem

  • Edith

    This is to complain the cellphone unit of polaroid I purchased last June 24, 2014 at SM Appliance Center, San Lazaro, Manila. The unit that was given to me was the one in the display. I ask for a new one, however the sales representative told me that it is the last unit available. After a month of usage the said unit became totally blackout. It was sent by my husband, JONATHAN SAUS to your Sampaloc Branch for repair. I was able to get the unit after a month of waiting. However, after two weeks of usage, the unit became totally blackout again. My husband sent again the unit last September 8 and until today October 9 (Thursday), the unit is sitll for repair and I'm still waiting for feedback from your shop. I called up the telephone no. 7111335 last October 2 and was able to talked to Ms. Russel Distan telling my sentiment on the issue. She told me that a certain Mr. Julius Estrologo will give me a feedback as to when I 'll be able to get my cellphone.
    The reason I bought a cellphone is because it is a necessity and I choose your brand, though it is a new player in the industry, I thought the name itself will prove its worth however it failed.

  • eman

    Makinig kyong mabuti sakin guys pag bumili kyo ng polaroid o coby bumili din kyo ng medicol dahil sasakit ang mga ulo nyo sa lintek na brand ito, dalawa polaroid ko isang tab at cel yung cel phone itinapon ko na, yung tablet na polaroid malapit na, hinde maganda ang brand n ito dhil laging may problema, pipila k ng napakahaba sa service center nila na babalik din ang sira,not recomended brand pati coby maiiinis k lng tlg.

    • eman

      GUYS share ko lng ito isumbong nyo sa DTI tutulungan kyo dun kng ano ang dapat gawin, kahit sabihin nyong isumbong sa dti matatakot n sila, card straigt o cash. kng cra refund o palit unit dapat.

  • chris

    Kung ako sa inyu, better to buy an Asus Zen Phone 4, 5 and 6.
    Mas reliable. 🙂 Tried and tested.

    User of:
    MacBook Pro 15, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Lenovo Desktop PC, Asus TF101

  • lynie divinaflor

    problema q po kc s polaroid phone q.ang tagal po nya mg open..pero ang ganda po nya..kya lng po pg nlobat then nafully charged q n po xa,ang tagal po nya ult ma open..nu po kya sira nya.but i guess wl nmn po.pls hrlp wat can i do to my phone.tnx

  • warten auf

    for me polaroid is better than the 3 cheap brand mgnda ang cam grapics pro405 lng gmit ko at pamana lng ng brother ko s akin almost 1 yr n nya gnamit plagi p nababagsak pero still in good condition p dn 🙂 ang complain ko lng useless ang flash ng cam.. hoping n mag improve p s nga next units n I llaunch..