Power Inverter

power inverter

Travelling for more than 3 hours can be quite a drag and could lead you to boredom because you cannot sleep long. Thanks to the creator of Power Inverter. Power Inverter works by plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighter. With that, you can power up anything in between 220-240V. And if you are worried about safety, it has a warning device where you will be forewarned of overheating, overloading and or if the battery is low.


  • A portable power inverter for in-car use.
  • By plugging the Inverter into the car’s cigarette lighter you can power standard 220-240V UK appliances.
  • A 200 Watt continuous power.
  • A 400 Watt peak power.
  • A ‘Battery Low’ pre-alarm.
  • An ‘Overheat’ pre-alarm.
  • An ‘Overload’ pre-alarm.
  • Overload protection.
  • Suitable for ages 17 years+.
  • Size: 16 x 10.5 x 6cm.
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  • If you don’t turn on your engine, will this drain the car battery?

  • this could possibly drain your car battery of course 😀

  • I need something like this. Is it available here?

  • “Suitable for ages 17 years+”

    Haha. Funny marketing stuff.

  • hi kates,
    i’m not sure if something like this is available here.. perhaps, a hybrid of some sort of the power inverter 😀

  • we had a similar device during the 1990s blackout era.

  • baluga01

    san po ba nakakabili niyan?

  • gerry

    what’s the use, no one knows where to get one here in metro manila.

  • tech guy

    Yes, whats the point for this post? Besides there are different types of inverters not limited to the one showed here.

  • @tech guy:
    yes there are different types of power inverter

    you might want to check ebay philippines for that
    power inverter on ebay philippines

  • deng

    Yes, it’s available here in the Philippines. I had mine 15 years ago & it’s still working. It used to be cheap as (DIY kits), now it’s expensive. Alexan (most SM have them) sells them. A 300W ready to use inverter sells for P2,700 I think & they have choices from 150W-2000W (I’m not so sure). They also have kits but If your not into electronics, don’t try it. Might as well buy the finished product.

    I’m still looking for a cheaper one.. 🙂

  • deng

    Has anyone tried the one at ebay? They are cheap but are they sturdy & safe? The heatsinks seems not enough to dissipate the heat.. The price is tempting.. 🙂

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  • Wow!Your post reveals an inverter that can be extremely useful while travelling. If it is portable and can power 220-240V appliances then I will definitely buy it.

  • Jun

    It is now locally available via imarflex battery…..here is the site :


    • riki

      where can i get around 3000 watts power inverter for home use 220v60hz ac power 12volt input?

  • Check us out http://www.pmenterprises.weebly.com or in facebook: PM Enterprises.

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