Power Mac Center Introduces Wraps Philippines to the Local Market
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Power Mac Center Introduces Wraps Philippines

Power Mac Center brings British accessories innovator Wraps to the local market to tackle a common music lover problem: tangled headphones. Wraps created the patented wristband headphones, which allows users to wear earphones on their wrist when not in use.

The utility of Wraps comes twofold: first, no need to jam earphones into your pocket, and second, no more tangled cords. Basically, Wraps eliminates frustration while adding a certain aesthetic for wearers. Ultimately, the Wraps branding is all about making a statement and expressing oneself and one’s individuality.

“Filipinos are innate music lovers and these days, wearing headphones is more than just about listening to your favorite tunes. For young people especially, how you look while listening to music spells the difference when choosing a brand of earphones. It’s safe to say that audio accessories nowadays are equal parts listening device and fashion accessory and Wraps headphones tick both boxes,”
Dianne Sta. Catalina
Think Abt Tomorrow Inc.
Exclusive PH Distributor, Wraps

Meant to be worn as a bracelet, Wraps features a variety of colors and styles for any personal aesthetic. British designers blend together fine materials and vibrant colors to generate specific fashion statement headphones for users. On the other hand, the patented clasp system keeps the lightweight alloy heads, slider, and jack plug connected for a secure fit. Finally, sound engineers from British Audio design the headphones for exceptional sound quality.

WIth the Philippine Fashion Week stamp of approval, Wraps Philippines products come in four different designs. These products are now available at Power Mac Center stores. For more information, be sure to visit Power Mac Center on Facebook.  Wraps also recently set up their PH Instagram page (@mywraps_ph).

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