Pre-paid PCs

Coming soon, pay-as-you-go PCs:

Consumers will be able to purchase a Lenovo PC for about half its retail price and pay off the balance over time by purchasing pre-paid cards from Lenovo, the two companies said in a joint statement.

Microsoft Corp. and Chinese-based computer maker Lenovo said Monday they will launch market trials for pay-as-you-go purchases of computers in China and India.

The FlexGo system would be similar to that used for mobile phones, with codes on pre-paid cards used to activate service.

After purchasing a predetermined number of usage hours the balance for the computer will be paid and consumers will no longer need to purchase the pre-paid cards.

The plan will help consumers purchase PCs without being locked into a fixed monthly agreement and will allow them to manage their PC time according to their finances, the companies said.

Interesting concept.  If it reaches Philippines, it might just fly, especially with the Philippine penchant for “tingi.”

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