ProBlogging Advice #1

When Darren Rowse went public with his earnings from problogging, many were inspired. It seemed like the perfect game plan for someone who is tech-savvy and who has lots to say about a certain topic. Many dreamed of quitting their day jobs and instead spend the day in their pajamas, buried in rss feeds and blogging to their hearts content.

Some sites suggest that all you need is a blog (which can also be had for FREE), a unique angle (which, ideally, should appeal to a certain niche market and, at the same time, have high cpm rate), sign up for google/yahoo/chitika and voilá, you are on your way to earning your $$ through blogging.

If only it was that easy.

ProBlogging, just like any other job we take on, should be of interest to us. The passion about the topic being discussed should be there. Otherwise, it would be akin to having a job that you ONLY do for the paycheck at the end and not because you love doing it. It would be obvious in your posts.

I have seen great Pinoy blogs (PTB included, of course) which, if given the chance, could soar high in blogging dollars. However, I have also seen those which are too pilit. When a blog is obviously written with only the cpm rates in mind, but the interest isn’t there. It really shows.

There are tons of talented Filipinos out there who are into blogging. Think of what truly interests you and only then should you think of what you can do to earn from this.

My two cents.

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Now, I may not be in the same level as Darren but take it from someone who gets a regular paycheck from ProBlogging about topics which I am truly passionate about and have the knowledge of.

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  • This is excellent advice, not only in the blogging profession-slash-hobby, but also in life.

    A few months ago, it dawned on me that I’m going to blog about these topics (that I like) anyway, so I thought, might as well earn something from it.

    I think as bloggers who identify ourselves as Filipino, we should evangelize other benefits of blogging aside from Google revenue. Filipino bloggers are not all about money, right? We blog to communicate, to inform, to make friends, to solve problems, rave about our idols, to rant. These are definitely not measured by cpm rate.

  • Hi Rickey. Glad to see you here especially since you were one of the first in the Pinoy blogosphere who really found a niche to blog, based purely on interest. 🙂

  • “First comes interest, then comes the moolah.”

    We have a lot of very good Pinoy bloggers and blogs out there and all they need is guidance from Probloggers like AnP to monetize their blogs.

  • AnP: I know what you mean =) It’s really nice to write about things you are passionate about. That is why I love writing about freelancing and related topics =D