ProBlogging Advice #2


Creative Weblogging
$$: Previously, I had a revenue-share type of contract with them. However, I have now switched to their fixed-payment scheme for some 3digit US$/month. Promising future $-wise.
Benefits: To date, CW has offered the most support. I have been provided with all the possible tools (from topic suggestions to keywords and even funds to hold win-a-book contest) needed in order to meet my blogging quota. They have also been very efficient in looking for site sponsors, specifically targetting each bloggers’ niche.
On applying: If you have a blog topic in mind, you can pitch your idea to Torsten Jacobi. But, apart from wanting to blog, you also need to have the relevant background to support your case.

$$: Their initial report sounds promising. I cannot make a review about this yet as I have only received my “you are shortlisted” email. Will keep you posted.
Benefits: To work with the 3 biggest names (Duncan Riley, Darren Rowse and Jeremy Wright) in the blogosphere. You can learn from the experts.
On applying: they seem to want those who have “unique” angles. If you send in your application, make sure that you (1) do not ask to write for a generic topic; think of something catchy and unique; (2) send a sample post as this would somehow be the basis of judgment.

$$: I just started the blog so, I may have to post a follow-up later.
Benefits: Working with Paul Scrivs of 9rules. The network has one of the wittiest write-ups I have ever seen. Paul is really nice.
On applying: From what I can see, Paul likes to have topics with a strange twist. If you write a convincing enough pitch, he will let you go loco on your blog.

$$: not that promising; but the changes which will soon happen could change all that.
Benefits: You have a free hand over your topic. If you want to blog about your passions (not really that concerned about the $) then this is the blog for you. Shai, the network owner, is like the mother of all the bloggers in the network. Always very patient to answer all questions, whether relevant or not. And she is really really nice. Oh yea, she is PINOY too!
On applying: She wants you to have the passion for your topic. I suggest you to apply NOW. Believe me, big things will be happening soon.

Basically, most blog networks offer the same benefits to their bloggers. The only (big) difference lies in the $$ and the exposure.

Note that above is based only on my own experience. You should still read each network’s application guideline.

You are not going to believe how many pinoys are currently earning from blogging!

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Ano ba talaga ang niche topic na babagay sa ‘yo?

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  • Wow! Thanks for the info bro! I hope that your post can help me in my quest to be a problogger as well.

  • taorist: not a bro. girl, po.

  • keep the advices coming AnP…i’m listening! 🙂

  • Glo: you’ll soon be part of the problogging pinoy list, you know! 🙂

  • OMG. Sorry po. I hope you can give us more sites to go to for network blogging.

    BTW, how much ba ang average earning a month on this things? Newbie palang me. A few months ago alng ako start.

    Do you have a blog of your own? Can I read it? Please?

  • just saw your blog. Nice. I’ll blogroll it!

  • taorist: there are actually so many more sites. I didn’t include them on this one because I have no experience with them. I will post a list (with no comments) soon.

    Thanks! My personal blog is mostly just rants about my work and pictures of my son. Not so interesting. hehe.