Problogging Bible

An interesting side topic was raised during the PTB EB a few weeks back. What makes a problogger a problogger? Ideas were thrown in, ranging from the worth of the blogger’s monthly AdSense check to the blog-mob-boss analogy.

For me these don’t even come close to true problogging-ness.

If at the click of the publish button, the blogger can cause readers to polarize on a seemingly innocent topic, or can persuade readers to buy his thoughts and his vision, that my friends is a problogger. Rich in social currency, a problogger harvests his audience’s attention and makes them dance with orgasmic gusto to the tune of his half-hearted posts. His posts are venerated as blessed sacramental truths. This blog bishop baptizes, blesses, annoints, converts and condemns with impunity.

It is a blogger’s ability to influence the blogosphere that determines problogging-ness. A true problogger has a that ripple/viral effect on the blogosphere.

Problogger hopefuls may want to read Seth Godin. He might be one of the true probloggers out there and his ebook, Who’s There – Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Blogs and the New Web might very well be the bible for probloggers.

If you have the time, also read Knock Knock – Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site that Works to light your path to guru-ness.

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  • One if a professional if one engages in an activity as a source of livelihood or as a career.

    One is professional if you get paid for what you do.

    One can also be called a professional if you show great skill or if you are an expert.

    PROFESSIONAL BLOGGING is just about the same. No need to put it in a pedestal. If you earn, well and good. If you are good at it, even better.

    My two cents.

  • *is a professional

  • I agree with AnP. I think what Marc describes is higher than “pro.”

  • Or a journalist?

  • Errr blog evangelist? 🙂

  • I think a good word is “Maven,” as used by Gladwell.