Professional Bloggers get VC Funding

This is two in a row for the month so I guess it’s becoming a trend now.

Two prominent professional bloggers have recently confirmed they’re getting venture capital (VC) fundings in the range of about $1 Million each.

First is Om Malik which blogs at GigaOM, a blog about voip, broadband and next-generation internet. He’s leaving his day job at Business 2.0 to go fulltime blogging, though he will stay as a contributor writing on a monthly basis.

Just earlier today, Rafat Ali of has also announced that he’s receiving VF funding as well. This will allow him to hire more people to run all his sites (, and ContentSutra) and do research. Rafat has been into fulltime blogging since 2003 and has been sucessful in the subscription model.

I’ve also gotten some inside info that blog network b5media may have closed a deal with some angel investors recently. With over 120 blogs in its helm, b5media is one of the fast growing networks out there, with around a dozen fulltime/part-time Filipino probloggers writing for them (one of which is a PTB member).

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  • Nice industry Abe is in 😉