Promac PRO2 In-ear Earphones Review

Promac is not a brand you would associate with personal audio gear since you probably know it as an appliance brand particularly TVs, players and components. In fact, they only have three earphones available in their name so that’s not saying a lot.

promac pro2

We reviewed the Promac PRO One early this year and it still remains one of the best earphones you can get for under Php500. Now what we have is their PRO2, for that warm and bright tones as they claim, and costs Php699.

Inside the box you’ll see the familiar-looking earphones with its flat cable and two extra pairs of silicon tips in different sizes.

promac pro2 pouch

An addition would be the soft pouch to store your earphones when not in use or when traveling. I could easily think of this as a Php200 pouch considering it’s the only thing different from the contents of the PRO One’s package

Promac PRO2 1

The PRO2 has a smaller outer shell compared to the PRO One but still retains that comfort fit that I love thanks to the angled driver. I even used it once while sleeping. Because of the driver’s shape, it’s not meant to be worn over ears, however, it’s also easy to plug it into your ear to get that snug fit without adjusting.

Just like the PRO1, the snug fit gives you good noise isolation even in medium volume. Sound leakage isn’t bad as well, Only the people nearest you on a really silent room can softly hear what you’re playing.

Promac PRO2 2

Aside from the angled driver, another feature Promac highlights on their earphones is the flat, tangle-free cable. Actually, it’s width doesn’t make it really tangle-free. It does get tangled but it’s also very easy to untangle. Microphonics is not that of a big deal with this cable and there’s also an adjustable cinch to keep your buds together.

I compared the sound quality of the PRO2 with the PRO One by trying each other on a few tracks and frankly speaking, there’s not a lot of difference. If the PRO One is said to be bigger in bass than the PRO2, it’s barely distinguishable especially if you don’t know what to look out for.

I tried it on the bass-laden Golden Cage by The Whitest Boy Alive and with the PRO2, I noticed that the emphasis was more on the mids than the lows as compared to the PRO One, but not by much. On light tracks like Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up, the PRO2 has a flatter sound signature so you would be hearing close to what the artist wants you to. As usual, clarity and detail is really good for its size and price.

If you’re wondering about durability, the PRO One we reviewed last February is still alive and kicking.


The Promac PRO2 is still a good choice and a small investment (Php699) for a decent in-ear earphones that you can take with you during commutes. It’s even better than some entry-level branded ones in the comfort and noise isolation department. Perhaps the only hard decision for you to make is whether to get the PRO2 or the Pro ONE. If the Php200 difference is worth the extra pouch and the slightly neutral signature.

You can get these in Astrovision/Astroplus branches and also Egghead where you can also audition it along with the other Promac earphones.

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  • monmon

    Wala naman kwenta ang promac. Labas ng labas ng bagong earphone hindi naman makita sa market. Nagsawa na ako kakahanap sa mga malls pero wala. Walang kwenta.

    • meron ako nakita kanina sa astrovision sa MOA.

      • monmon

        Moa? wala naman sa ibang branch. Ewan ko kung bakit naglalabas pa ng ganyan ang promac eh di naman visible sa market. Nag email pa ako sa kanila pero wala namang nagrereply. Kalokohan ang promac ear buds.

        • marc

          that’s funny, i saw the pro ones at astrovision in both shang and megamall when i was looking for a set of earphones for my cousin just last week.. you must not be looking hard enough either that or you don’t ask the sales people for help..

        • Griswold

          baka naman sa pipitsuging malls ka napunta. wala siguro yan sa puregold or harrison plaza. try mo sa robinson galleria, galing lang ako dun kanina meron sa egghead.

          • monmon

            SM, Robs. Marquee, problema kasi sa manila lang meron. Sa malalayong malls pa. Tinanong kona sa atrovision branches dito sa mall dito wala daw sila puro philips ang benta nila pati doon sa malls doon sa may smart araneta wala. Sa pwesto ng promac sa appliance wala rin. Pag nagkataong pupunta doon sa mga malls sabay ako magtatanong tanong. Pero sofar bokya. Nag email na ako sa promac walang sinabi kung saan meron. Kalokohan naman kung dayuhin kopa ang moa makakatipid nga ako sa presyo patay naman sa pamasahe.

  • You continually have gotten alot of extremely up to date data. Where does one come up with this valuable? Just stating you are fairly creative. Regards

  • i just went to the shop named “EGGHEAD”. tinanung ko kung meron sila nung pro2 sabi nila pina pull out daw nila madali daw kasi masira.

  • PT

    soundmagic nalang… they own the excellent but cheap headphones segment for some time now

    • Glenn

      any suggestion of soundmagic earphone?

  • Bought these from Lazada. ‘Di pa naman nasisira, at mas ok yung tunog compared sa, well, A4tech gamit ko dati, hehehe. Tinignan ko ngayon, 594 na lang pala -___- free shipping pa 😀

  • Amzies

    Soundmagic PL20, PL30.. of course, the E10 (wildly popular).. . But my favorite of the bunch is the E30.. . Maybe not for everyone but definitely the sound signature I prefer.. .

    You should try MEElectronics too.. . . A lil more expensive than Soundmagic but still consider one of the bang-for-the-buck brands.

    I had Promac Pro 3 and Pro 2.. . So far, they are ok for the price. So far, still alive and kicking.. . Good luck with your search.. .

  • ariel

    maganda po kaya 2