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Promoting Tech Literacy

This summer of 2006, residents of Manila, specifically those from the 6th district can avail of free computer lessons. This was through the initiative of Councilor Dennis Lacuna Jr.

I am in no way connected to any politician, but coming from the 6th district, I am heartened at the sign of tech literacy being promoted.

For people that have no access to computers, typing on a word processor or sending an email becomes a tedious job. Some become technophobic. Just recently, I assisted one of my nieces in typing. They had minimal computer training in school. And now that she has to use a word processor for reports, she is boggled at how to use all the functionalities so I had to explain the toolbars, menus, and keyboard shortcuts. Good thing she is a fast-learner.

Tech literacy is a must if we want to be progress as a nation. It is best promoted if computer classes are offered for free.

Btw, for those interested in the lessons mentioned above, the courses offered are Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe Photoshop and Web Design. A barangay clearance is needed because it is offered for Manila 6th district residents. Call 7141510 for more details. Hopefully other districts and cities would follow suit.

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