Protecting your child from sexual predators

I read an article in Manila Bulletin today, dealing with protecting your children from sexual predators in the internet: 

The reality of today is kids are far more technology literates than their parents are.  They can do a lot of things on the web without their parents noticing or even suspecting.  So in a way, I think it’s the industry’s responsibility to provide parents some assistance via technology to prevent children from falling prey to the dangers of online pornography.

For the meantime, here are some tips that parents can use to at least minimize the possibility that their children will be victimized: 1. Never put computers in kids’ bedrooms””the living room is better; 2. Detach webcam and microphone if not in use;  3. Limit child’s Internet time;  4.  Make Internet activity a family activity.  5.  As parents, we should always be updated with technology and if possible be as technology literate as our kids.

It will not be wise if we prevent our kids from accessing the web.  The advantages of the Internet are far greater than its disadvantages.  As they say on TV – “Parental Guidance is advised”.

Another solution is through an internet filering software.  According to CNET, Australia is spending $86 million to provide families with free porn-blocking software.

How do you ensure your children are not the victim of sexual predators?  My personal technique is in my blog but I’d like to hear if this is a concern of many and how they are addressing it.   

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  • strictly no porn surfing in the internet shop, coz not all parents can afford a computer for their kid..

  • My 2 girls were one of the first kids in the internet in the Philippines. They are now 18 and 20 respectively. During those days, I monitored their internet activity. Computer was in the kitchen for all to see. Just like in real life, I made it a point to know their online friends. It was a concern back in 1995 and still is today. There are many weird websites out there that your children shouldn’t read. I let go of the control once they reached college. They are old enough to discern right from wrong sites.

  • silkshadow

    I think its retarded to tell parents they must be upto speed on technology. Thats like saying a parent must be upto speed on discos to protect their kids from disco predators. Parenting is a differnt ball game today. Its way more important that parents earn the trust and respect of their kids and that the lines of communcations are open. While not as bad as the States here, there is still too much that can endanger a child and theres no way to spy on the kid 24/7. I see too many of my friends and relatives who’s kids are being rasied by a yaya instead of a parent. That path definately leads to danger.

  • When I have kids, I’ll educate them about the Internet so much that it’s the predators who’ll have to ph33r their l33t skillz.

  • paetechie

    try Naomi, a free internet filter that closes the browser when an inappropriate site is displayed

    tested it sometime ago…there’re false positives but it’s better than nothing



  • We can’t personally watch our kids everytime they go to the internet, that’s why we need a software to watch over them. There is a software at TUKI (The Ultimate Kids’ Internet) that is free to download and totally fun and safe for kids.