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Proud to earn zero

Manila Bulletin better do some serious proofreading. Blog-o-rama’s Annalyn Jusay praises Leo Torres for his entrepreneur-oriented site, calling it a success. Leo is also cautiously optimistic about Google Adsense, saying that “it’s not that significant.”

Rightly so he has to be cautious:


I know its a typo, quite funny in fact, and it’ll probably be worthy of submission to Jay Leno, Just remember that this is the same broadsheet that published an article that a PC can be infected even when turned off.

Hey Annalyn, I too am still earning zero from Technopinoy!

Update: Article has been corrected.  Now it shows $800.

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  • PoshNeya

    they already fixed it. $800.

  • Thank god for that! But it’s quite funny if you read through it with the zero in mind…

  • With 0 Adsense earnings, I’m sure he can retire early! lol

  • andrew

    It’s not just that. Tech writers for newspapers try so hard to look like they know what they’re talking about, it’s pathetic. Ugh.

  • @andrew, indeed indeed. In anime and gaming magazines as well btw 😉

  • ajay

    In my 15 years of professional writing, I don’t have a record for erroneous info 😛 I think it really was $800 in our street version

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