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PTB’s 5 gadget gift ideas under P5k for Christmas 2011

Most of you probably received your Christmas bonus already and some are still waiting for relatives from abroad to receive a bit of Christmas dollars. You probably have set sights on what to do with that extra money but if you still find yourself looking for something not too expensive to splurge on, here are 5 gadget gift ideas that costs less than P5k which you can get this holiday season.

5. Kindle 4

The basic $79 Kindle 4 is Amazon’s way of making e-book readers accessible to a lot of people. I’ve been contemplating on getting an e-book reader for quite a while but the price is always turning me off until Amazon announced this little stripped down e-book reader.


The Kindle 4 foregoes the touchscreen and keyboard of its brethren but you’ll get a slimmer, lighter and more pocket-friendly e-book reader at an affordable price. This is not a tablet folks so don’t compare it to the iPad or 7-inch tablets out there. You will get e-ink display that’s easy on the eyes and will let you finish your novel or two without having be near a power source.

Somz Store over at Sulit is selling these for Php4,890.

4. JBL On Tour Micro

There are many egg-speakers around already that you are hard-pressed to choose whether to go with what others are having or whether to look for something more distinct. Well if you choose the latter, the JBL On Tour Micro portable speakers may be the right companion for your laptop or music player.


The JBL On Tour Micro sounds just about the same as your X-minis (which is not bad) but comes with a fresh look. It’s audio cable can be coiled and stored underneath and it also comes with a carrying pouch so you won’t have to worry about scratching or damaging it while in your bag.

SRP: Php1,995

3. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

You don’t want a workspace cluttered with cable so you opt to go wireless with your peripherals. But you also don’t want to worry about having to recharge or swap batteries while in the middle of typing up a report so what can you do? Go solar.


The Logitech K750 is a full-sized keyboard with a minimalist but stylish look that would blend well with your modern workspace. It’s wireless but also doesn’t require any batteries for you to charge, at least the usual way that is. It has some light panels on top that would get and store energy from ambient light to power up your keyboard. Got that? You don’t need the sun. It works indoors even with your room light! Amazing.

SRP: Php3,890

2. Aviiq Portable Charging Station

On our recent trip to Malaysia, my wife and I brought 2 smartphones, an iPod Touch and an iPad… and only one USB power charger. So imagine the hassle of having to take turns charging our phones and other devices at the end of the day. We could bring other chargers but that would be not-so travel-friendly.

width="480"We could sure use something like the Aviiq Portable Charging Station, a travel sleeve/pack that can charge 4 USB-powered devices (even an iPad) at the same time. All you need to do is plug it to your power source and connect your devices into any of its 4 USB charging ports. It also has a compartment on the side where you can neatly store your USB cables.

SRP: Php3,950 available at Digital Walker

1. SoundMAGIC PL11 in-ear earphones

Ok this shouldn’t be on the list because these are about 2-year old models. However, it’s one of the carefully guarded secrets of audiophiles if you’re looking for a budget pair of earphones that doesn’t sound like what you paid it for. SoundMAGIC won’t ring a bell to a lot of people and being a China brand might turn these people off. Don’t let the name fool you though. Go ahead and “google” this brand/model.


The SoundMAGIC PL11 won’t wow you with design or packaging but instead, it will win you over with its excellent sound quality. Imagine an entry-level earphone with a high-end sound quality. That’s what you’ll get here. Head-fi.org compares it to the Sennheiser CX300-II in terms of sound quality.

The problem with SoundMAGIC cans is that it’s hard to find them in malls. Someone in Sulit is selling these for Php800 (that’s the actual price!) and also have other models.

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  • Toni

    I can attest to the Soundmagic earphones (I just bought a pair recently on the recommendation of a friend). You can get them from a stall called Peep’s Gameshop on the 2nd floor inn Greenbelt 1.

    • ahhh… thanks! much nearer for me than Gilmore. how much are they selling it?

      • Toni

        Same as the one in Gilmore (800), they also have other models I think. Here’s their site: peepsgameshop.multiply.com/

        • StratoSpHere

          I really recommend these in-earphones, as I had a pair of them before(unfortunately I lost them way back). I’m planning to buy another pair again because they’re so good. 😀

    • jb

      got a pair at broadway gadgets2go good sound bass 🙂 . New box na not as same as the pic on the article. Sa store you can try diff models as they have test units

  • Hey Pinoytechblog,
    Thanks for that, Something may be seriously wrong with you if you do not think of giving your loved ones one of the latest, hippest, and coolest iPod nano as Christmas gift. Almost everybody wants to have this because of its portability, uniqueness, and vibrancy evidently seen in its 8-16 GB capacity for 2,000 up to 4,000 songs, 7,000 to 14,000 photos, or even 8 to 16 hours of video. With its 2-inch LCD with blue-white LED backlight, you will surely love to watch your favorite music videos anytime. Enjoy its high resolution at 320-by-240 pixels all throughout 24 hours. So do not waste so much time thinking of the perfect gift for your loved ones, read below is a list and match the color of your newest iPod according to you and your loved ones’ personality to get your money’s worth this yuletide season.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

    • Shameless Plug!

      Wow ang kapal ng mukha nito. Kontrahin daw ang list ni calvin tapos sabay plug ng product na binebenta nya.


      • hehehe hindi pa under 5k. 😛

  • rab

    Hi Sir Calvin,

    Is the JBL On Tour Micro available locally? Where can I get one?

    • well it should be at JBL stores… i think there’s one at the Fort and one in Megamall. I’ll go ask again though.

    • GraySource

      I second this question.

  • Griswold

    Sir yung Kindle ba pwedeng lagyan ng books na meron ako offline?

    • i havent tried it yet but i believe so… kelangan .mobi tapos plug mo via usb sa PC then drag drop mo sa documents folder. or gamit ka ng calibre.

  • SoundMagic

    I have a PL11… sounds great! if you are going to buy the Fake Beats, better buy this one… P11 for Bass Lovers and PL21 for more clarity over bass

    gogadget.multiply.com sells this and they are located Near Broadway Centrum (Where Eat Bulaga is broadcasting)


    • SoundMagic

      its gogadgets.multiply.com 🙂 forgot the s

  • Paul

    Headphone models don’t change that frequently, the same model will usually be on sale for 5 years or more. All that changes every now and then is the box art.

    The SoundMAGIC PL11 being two years old means it’s actually a relatively new headphone.

  • Chris

    Sir Calvin,

    where can I buy those Kindle 4 here in the Philippines?

    • i posted a link to a sulit seller sa taas.