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PTB’s Top 5 Mobile Phones of 2011

Last year we showed you our top phones of 2010 where the HTC Desire went number 1. 2011 is almost ending and we’ve seen a lot of smartphones released this year, some with notable innovations. One thing we can easily say is that Android still reigns in smartphones mainly due to the amount of choices consumer can make.

Here’s our top 5 phones of 2011 which is not only driven by popularity and market sales but also technological breakthrough and the impact they have in our mobile landscape.

5. HTC Sensation XE

HTC Sensation XE

HTC phones are a bit so-so this year with most being just a slight upgrade from last year’s models. However, their partnership with Beats in the 3rd quarter of 2011 to get the logo, audio and earpiece into their smartphone seems to be a good move for our country who values brand recognition. The HTC Sensation XE runs on dual-core processor which makes it eligible for future Android upgrades and the included Beats audio and earphones makes this phone a value for your money if you’re into that Beats hype.

4. BlackBerry Bold 9900


Although a lot of people are currently seeing the future of BlackBerry as bleak, it’s hard not to discount the impact the BlackBerry Bold 9900 had on their berries lineup. It features the best in class specs RIM has to offer in a sleek and slim body to go along with the latest BlackBerry 7 OS. The Bold 9900 just screams “style” to the BB-toting executive.

3. Nokia N9


The Nokia N9 was the breath of fresh and savory air that Nokia very much needed this year. It was lagging in the smartphone race which their Symbian OS cannot overcome but who knew that MeeGo OS would work for the Finnish company with the introduction of the N9. A lot of people in the IT industry went gaga over this phone even with the knowledge that it’s the last MeeGo for Nokia. I guess it brings a certain charm to it to go along with the superb display, stylish body and impressively quick lens for a phone. I would be happy to give this the number 2 spot if only it has been making a lot of noise in the local market.

2. Apple iPhone 4S


Even though there’s nothing much new with the iPhone 4S compared to its previous generation, it still made quite a scene when it was launched this month. The iPhone 4S was a disappointment during the launch, but eventually, it’s still an iPhone, an Apple product, a legacy of Steve Jobs, and a lot of people loved it and some even converted to iOS because of it. It certainly helped that both Smart and Globe now offers the iPhone 4S making it accessible to a lot of people and eventually to our number 2 spot.

1. Samsung Galaxy SII


The Samsung Galaxy SII sounds boring and old considering the company has released quite a number of Galaxy devices after it. It was launched in April, has a dual-core processor, Super AMOLED screen, thin and light profile… sounds ordinary but why is it our number 1 phone of 2011? It is the major factor that resulted in record-breaking annual sales figure for Samsung accounting to over 10 million sold since April. It’s the fastest selling Android phone in the world and even this holiday season I’m sure numbers are still going up. A friend selling mobile phones told me he was moving an average 6 Galaxy SII’s per day this December.

Honorable Mention


We just have to make room for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play being the only true gaming Android phone thanks to its PlayStation certified slideout controls. I was willing to put it in the top 5 but I found out that the PS controls don’t work in all Android games. Instead, you need to download an Xperia Play version of the game in order to use the gamepad. Sucks, I was ready to kick ass with Barry Steakfries. Anyway, the phone still has a decent amount of games made specifically just for its controllers.

Popular Phone Award


Popular phone award goes to the Samsung Galaxy Y, Sammy’s latest entry-level phone targeting the “Young” generation. This phone is selling like hotcakes thanks to Smart and Globe offering it for free on Plan 349. The phone is a perfect for those wanting to take baby steps with the Android platform before switching to a more expensive handset. For the month of December, we’re hearing problems with supply as the demand skyrocketed earning it our Popular Phone Award.


We also believe it’s just right to also mention the Nokia X1-01 dual-sim phone, or what people know as the “Bossing Phone” thanks to Vic Sotto’s constant promotion. A lot of Filipinos are suckers for dual-sim phones and making it as affordable (P2k) yet sturdy from a popular brand (Nokia) can guarantee impressive sales figures. I’m guessing the Nokia Asha 303 will follow suit in 2012.

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