PTB Contributors Invite

We’ve been receiving a lot of emails and inquiries about contributing articles and reviews for Pinoy.Tech.Blog. Well, this is your chance. We will limit the slots to 3 more PTB Contributors at this time.

What does this mean? As a contributor, you will be entitled to some of the fringe benefits of a PTB blogger. This includes but not limited to — revenue sharing, technical support, insider tips, advertising guides & how to’s and traffic to your own personal blogs. Likewise, you will be asked to contribute on a regular basis (with quota) and attend the monthly PTB meet-up.

Those who expressed interests earlier may send me a letter of intent to abeolandres [at] gmail [dot] com with subject “PTB Contributors Invite”, a short description of yourself and a link to your blog/s. (We prefer you already have a blog). If you do not have a blog, we would like a short sample post from you on a tech topic you’re most interested in.

This is all the information you need. =)


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  • minor

    wow thats nice. i want sana kaso wala ako sariling blog at hindi ako magaling sa english hehehe, dami ko sana gusto i-share coz im working in a research and development company..

  • I should try to get a piece of this action. I’ll go through my blog archives and see if I really am worthy…

  • I want to apply too but due to constraints in my schedule and lack of fluid ability to express myself in writing, I may not be an affective blog contributor. Added to this, my physical absence in the Philippines.

  • What’s best: free beer!

  • Ay! Pag ganyan na ang usapan baka mag-apply na rin ako…

  • ako din..gusto ko din sumali kaso ang writing skills ko needs alot of improvement and also yon monthly presence sa PTB meetings ay malabo para sakin. im sure madami jan na mas worthy kaysa sakin. hehe. basta patuloy parin akong magsusuporta sa PTB. 🙂

  • Hi Guys,

    I got about 7 applications with me right now. I haven’t checked them all but they’ll go thru our usual screening process.

    All PTB members will be reading your personal blogs regularly by next week so keep on posting. (Hey, that’s more traffic for you!)

  • Fleeb

    Now that my schedule is not that tight, I am planning to contribute, if not for the physical presence requirement 🙂 Anyway, more power.

  • Yuga, don’t forget the customary initiation rites!

  • I hope PTB gets some good, dedicated contributers. Best of luck to all!

  • Hey, Yuga and PTB folks. Hope you consider my application. Hehe, nakakatakot ba ang initiation rites?

    Blog for 8 hours straight! Or get to know the PTB bloggers by answering top 10 questions based on their blogs… hahaha 🙂

  • ahhh yes, the initiation rites! hehehe

    Thanks to all who applied! We have a dozen or so people emailing me about this.

    We’ll put up the results next week! 🙂