PTB Giveaway: Limited edition Iron Man 8GB flash drive

UPDATE: Contest is over! Congratulations to Rod Cabataña Marmol for winning this limited edition Iron Man flash drive. Will contact you for details on how to get your prize. Thanks again for joining everyone!

Want to own this cool-looking limited edition Iron Man 8GB flash drive? Widget City is sponsoring this giveaway where one lucky winner will get to take home an Iron Man or a War Machine 8GB flash drive.


This flash drive is something fans of Iron Man would love to own. It’s only USB 2.0 but what’s nice is that the eyes lit up when the flash drive is plugged in. Nice finishing too, not cheap metallic paint that would easily chip off.


Unfortunately, Widget City can only spare one for this giveaway. If you want to own one, they’re selling it for Php990, or if you buy any smartphone for them, just add Php500 to get one. Better hurry though as there’s only 50 units available.

If you’re feeling lucky though, here’s what you have to do to win one. Take it away Rafflecopter (please wait for it to load).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pretty simple right? Contest will end in a week April 22, 2013 so you might want to get to it. Only residents of the Philippines are eligible to win the prize.

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  • Hayatte


  • If I could have any superpower? I would really take what Spider-Man has, just because all of his powers are just so useful and for a lazy man like me, it would be so perfect.


    Me gusta USB!

  • Edsar

    I would loved to have Invisibility so i could sneak pass mall hours and eat all the chocolates inside and also maybe steal some gadgets like this one? haha

  • I’d choose to become invisible. Not because I want to do mischievous stuff, being a sahm is tiring. If I’m invisible, I could escape.

  • glenrmag16

    Flying + Invisibility + Regeneration 🙂

  • Any super power, to fly, great way to beat traffic lol!

  • Jerylle Ramos

    WOAH!!! I want this FLASH DRIVE ON MY LAPTOP 😀

  • Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

    I’d like to have the power to teleport, so I can be with my loved ones and friends anytime I want.

  • luigitheninja

    Ideal superpower? Technological Affinity, just like Tony Stark’s. That would be dope, especially that my line of work is in IT. Hahaha!

  • Nap

    I want to have omnilingualism, the ability to instantly speak and understand any language fluently, so I wont need those distracting subtitles while watching movies anymore.

  • kharmic

    Leave a comment answering the question, “If you can have any kind of superpower, what would it be and why?”

    immortality with me not aging id take over the world and force order and discipline 😀

  • Jerry Collao

    I want the superpower of tom welling in the smallville series! that’s pretty cool. Speed, Strength and the “fiery” eyes and etc.

  • Jay De Asas

    IRONMAN 3 IS ON ITS WAY SO I want that COOL DRIVE for me..

  • Gigi Beleno

    I would like to be a Supermom so I can finish all my household chores at a faster time.

  • Kevin Masangcay

    I want to have telekinetic powers because it will make my life easier. If I’m tired from work, I will just use my power for house chores instead of manually doing it.

  • josefsan

    super luck super powers ^_^ to win that awesome ironman flash drive yoohoo! ahahahaha!

  • Kevin Bucks


  • Dave Lu Chiu

    Teleportation. SO that I won’t have to deal with the awful traffic here -_-

  • Neil

    i want 😀

  • Invisibility + Flying Ability

  • idesbc

    i love the flash drive really great for my laptop!

  • Julie Masangcay

    It will be slow body degeneration because I still want to be stronger and healthier for my family..! 🙂

  • Iron Man! 😀

  • Mind control. Its a win-win. 😉

  • Dave Co

    i want one

  • oliver mia


  • Teleportation! 😀

  • oliver mia

    genie power!!!


    iron man

  • jc

    speed or teleportation, for travel of course. 😀

  • I would want to have superhuman fight moves and reflexes! Sa sobrang dami ba naman ng masasamang loob sa mundo.

  • julio

    i want to have the power of wolverine, the power to heal, para tumagal pa life ko 🙂

  • Emil

    i want usb!!! 🙂

  • Nino Enrico Banzon

    Power to heal people in any kind of pain they are going through.

  • jing

    flying so i can travel anywhere!

  • I’d love to have Superman’s Powers!

  • jerry

    invisible, so i can go and stalk celeberities lol!

  • Rainier Yabut

    teleportation, so i can travel very fast to anywhere..xD

  • Herbert Dan Tria

    For me, I want to have a SUPER HUMAN INTELLIGENCE or MEMORY MANIPULATION like prof X.. to manipulate human minds.. lol

  • Ranny Gutierrez

    Invisibility + xray vision + go through walls + time control = BoyBastos’ dream powers!

  • Alfred Gallegos

    The power i prefer to have is terrific IQ and power to know. With that, I can build new stuff to help people and anticipate what people think. It can also help me track criminals. More challenging on my part than the supernatural ones.

  • Doms

    The power to modify anything inside a circle. Trafalgar law style.

  • Riel

    I want to have Flash’s superpower so I’ll have the ability to move and think fast

  • Angelo

    teleportation,so that I could go anywhere I want to be in an instant! 🙂

  • Invisibility so that I can stalk my crush! HAHHAHAHA.

  • Chris

    I’d actually like MIND CONTROL! The possibilities are endless!

  • joel


  • superduperRIEN

    Of course, all kind of superpowers coz im superduperRIEN! 🙂

  • Superpower? Definitely the power of the Hand of Midas… which can be turned on and off at will! Then I will be rich and buy anything I want! Including this Flash Drive! ♥ But since it isn’t possible, i’ll stick with this giveaway! xD HAHAHAHA!!!

  • Andro Umali

    something like the Flash. Because Force = mass x acceleration so i can create a strong force using high speed, also i can create tornadoes and even fly certain distances because of the power of super speed

  • PJ Cunanan


  • nan

    super strength! to take on any bad guy.

  • mksy

    mental telepathy, so that I could read what everyone’s thinking of!

  • The power to create anything by imagination. Self explanatory.

  • bert

    Teleportation. Tipid sa transpo expenses. Instantaneous pa.

  • Lukenn

    Sorcery/Wizard skills. If I had such skills, the limits of my power will be boundless much like Android being an opensource.

  • ryan

    It would have to be the power of invisibility…

  • John


  • Amar

    power similar to Jumper (movie). 😀

  • Weather manipulation para I can control the world 🙂

  • Ivan De Galicia

    The power of absolute obedience. This would allow me to make all people obey my orders without any question.

  • Miguel Sison

    The power to control time. 🙂
    This would allow me to change histories 😀

  • John Garcia

    Sali! Mind control for me.

  • Vann Vicente

    Because iron man USB’s are awesome.

    • Vann Vicente

      I will decide to answer this question. The superpower I’d love to have? That’d have to be shapeshifting.

  • Emmanuel

    Super intelligence for me!

  • Ronald

    Hope to win!

  • Linreb De

    If you can have any kind of superpower, what would it be and why? It would be intelligence of Batman. Without his genius mind, he is always on par with other superpowers without natural superpower.

  • John B.

    super brains like the actor in limitless

  • John Yu

    I want one! 🙂

  • Wowie015

    X-RAY Vision.
    So I could see you better with my Dear!
    ^ ^

  • Raffy

    Invisibility would be nice 🙂

  • Lea

    the power to heal any diseases/ailments.

  • Extremis like tony stark can link his mind to any technology

  • mackivera

    I want one of these.

  • ac7

    “Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?”

    3 words…
    Rich!,Famous!! & Sexy!!!

  • Ronn

    Mental Telepathy.

  • TRES

    Power of Time Travelling.

  • ibet


  • vic rodriguez

    god like!,. haha,.coz it’s the most powerful!

  • Jelo Manongsong

    I want to be invisible to follow my crush haha

  • art cruz

    Wow, akin na lang yan!

  • Nei

    Clairvoyance – so i would know if i would win the usb. Lol. Seriously, ability to see the future so i can be ready for it.

  • aze

    s’power:the human money creator! i create money of any currency!
    reason: money cant buy everything but can solve most problems!


  • Romar

    Flying, so I can go wherever I want. 😀

  • Beverly

    I want to stop time, so that I can do anything I want no matter how long it takes.

  • sinned

    Good luck peps!

  • micro

    Teleportation like from the Jumper Movie

  • Julie-Ann Sta. Ines

    Power to fly! I want to fly! =]

  • Sirrah

    power like a charm to manipulate anything in this world 😛

  • Arnie de Guzman

    Power to heal. Because a lot of people are hurt even they don’t deserve to be hurt.

  • Paul

    Power to distort reality. So the world goes my way. 😉


    teleportation and power that can read ones mind 🙂

  • Thanie012

    The incredible strength of iron man, to save the humanity.

  • Brent


  • Brent

    Flight, to easily bring my patients to the hospital

  • Biggs

    Super genius brain.

  • Roland Savellano

    teleportation ng makauwi agad sa bahay ng walang traffic..

  • John Rozzelle Savellano

    Super Strength, Bionic eyes, and Flying para ako na ang papalit kay Superman!

  • Jerome

    great looking flashdrive

  • Jerome

    Intelligence & Strength

    • Darry Magno Benavidez

      controlling of elements fire, water, earth, air, metal, wood…and ability to teleport so i can go wherever i want in just seconds..

  • Gizette

    I want to fly! 🙂 so that it would be easier to travel.

  • Nomer Mendoza

    I want iron man flash drive …

  • ab

    ability to travel and alter the space-time continuum

  • ems

    super strength.. hehe

  • The power to convince and change people’s minds effortlessly.

  • Charles John Tiglao

    Smart Bomb!

  • Rean

    Invisibility and the ability to fly so I can sneak on plans for nuclear bomb attacks. 😀

  • Don Refuerzo

    Time travel

  • jeegeepee

    Invisiblity and be able to see read people’s mind

  • the power to read one’s mind, so I can save them if they are thinking of something evil or stupid.

  • Super speed para di na ako ma-late sa work o sa mga appointments

  • Kevin Quintos

    power to control minds!

  • wow!!! i want one!!!

  • Eva Grace Parcon

    I want the power where i can heal the broken hearts!
    hehehe 🙂

  • katerine mateos estrella

    a mind reader
    so i can read the suspects mind and i can solve those criminal problems

  • lordy

    if I have a super power it would be able to Jump to a far place by teleporting (same as the Jumper Movie). To be able to visit my girl working overseas 🙂

  • Michael Borgrud

    super strong so i can beat up bad guys

  • Angelo Muyot

    Jarvis is getting short of memory! Iron Man Flash Drive needed!

  • MEL

    Teleportation and invisibility rocks!

  • aichan

    My man.. iron man! 😉

  • Lau Beruin

    Speed of Light

  • Jasper Santiago

    Invisibility , being loyal lol, telekinesis

  • Brent

    If I can have any kind of superpower, it would be to be able to teleport so I can travel anywhere quickly.

  • I want to have the power of teleportation to travel around the world.

  • PJ

    Teleportation… para di ko na kelangan mag LRT at bus papunta sa trabaho >:)

  • If I will have a superpower, it would be being Invisible, so I can see what people do like the politicians, I will see what they’re doing, either good or bad! :p

  • Super hearing para I can eavesdrop anywhere at any time without getting caught

  • sbuen

    super cool

  • i want to fly and travel the world 🙂

  • Allen Espeleta

    Invisibility and ability to fly 🙂

  • hcaseria

    I would like to cruise all around the world landing on famous places iron man style!

  • Food ray wherein with just eyes from my rays I could produce food. It’s quite silly but if you think about it wouldn’t it be quite hassle-free (no more waiting in lines or drive throughs) and you could save money! :))

  • Regeneration para forever young and beautiful

  • lee erik porcal

    ero power!!!!

  • Super strength and the ability to flyyyyyyyyy! :))

  • Dale

    I want to kick some arse using a flash drive

  • Aidan Herrera

    I want to fly ,so that I can travel the world !

  • I guess I want to have a photographic memory or very high IQ because with that, I can make ways to get out of any situation or help others.

  • Prince

    superpower? heck i’d like to be like Tony Stark with the brain and resources to build any type of machine!

  • Flight para I can go places where I want and when I want

  • Darry Magno Benavidez

    ability to teleport so i can go wherever i want in just seconds, without traffic, saves a lot of money and time and effort, being late in school or office is not a problem anymore, we can save oil or gas if we have this ability, we can save and help people during emergencies in few seconds, we can escape fires and other calamities and tragedies and very helpful ability. 😀

  • Lawrence Anthony Mallari


  • d4ryl3

    Time and space control.

  • benjo

    wow! great flash drive to have!

  • benjo

    wow so great!

  • Power to manipulate! So I can manipulate you guys, or the rafflecopter to pick me as the winner. 😀

  • harayers

    proton cannon ni iron man

  • Francis Falucho

    Teleportation… I want to go to different places, explore and meet different kinds of people.

  • mikee parungao

    just super intelligence will do 🙂

  • Clarence Hilario

    Super sense. So i can sense everything bad that will happen and tell someone to prevent it.

  • Philsen Padilla

    time travel so i could meet the greatest people in our history or even in the future.

  • The ability to create ice. Ang init kasi sa pinas at ang mahal ng aircon. 🙂

  • Ferdinand Angeles

    The power to fly. I hate waking up early in the morning and go to the airport to check-in at least 2 hours before my flight

  • nancybareno

    Invisibility. Sarap manood ng libreng sine hahaha

  • leo garcia

    i like the power to fly gusto ko kasi makapunta sa ibat ibang lugar dito sa pinas at sa ibang bansa.

  • Alexis San Diego

    If i won how can i claim it

    • we’ll ask for your address and it will be shipped to you.

  • Nico

    Lokking forward to have this! XD

  • beeangkah

    awesome promo! 🙂

  • Kevin Carlo Uy

    Telekinesis – A superpower that has many abilities. So i can fly, read other people’s mind, and levitate things without touching them.

  • Ralph Ramirez

    I want to have the power of Invention so that I can easily create my own version of Iron Man. Hehehe

  • Adrian Borja

    ability to create things out of thin air
    para magkaroon ako ng ganyang flash drive kahit di manalo dito

  • Randy

    “If you can have any kind of superpower, what would it be and why?”

    a power of mind na ang iisipin ko lang na gusto kong maging fair enough sa lahat ng tao ay matutupad at maging middle class lahat ng mga mamamayan dahil ang pilipinas ay lubog na talaga sa kahirapan kaliwa’t kanan puro gutom na mga mamayan natin na lang lagi ang makikita mo..

    he he he

  • camille quiambao

    i want to be read minds so i’d know what other are up to

  • StratoSpHere

    “If you can have any kind of superpower, what would it be and why?” — I want to fly vertically while shooting beams from my mouth. Wala lang, para unique haha!

  • A superpower I want is teleportation. So I don’t have to be late at school all the time. 🙂

  • alvir

    mind control- para ma control ko ang lahat ng tao. makahingi ng pera ng walang ka hirap2. magagawa ko ang gusto ko ng hnd ako tinstanggihan. pati si pres. obama at pres. aquino hnd ako matatanggehan.

  • sayang, meron pabang nabibilihan nyan?

    • sa sir