PTB’s 5 gadget accessories gift ideas for Christmas 2010

While you’ve probably read about suggestions for buying a phone, a laptop, or other gadgets for Christmas, we here at PTB scrounged up some very nice accessories to complement those gadgets. Or if you can’t think of a gift to give somebody who seems to have all the latest gadgets already, consider these things.

1. Power Crystal by MiLi ““ Php1,650

MiLi Power Crystal

What can you give a guy who has lots of gadgets? Especially the person who has multiple phones plus an iPod? How about a portable power pack? The Power Crystal from MiLi is a handy little device that charges a myriad of small gadgets using different connector tips. It will give you that extra juice for your phone when you’re in the middle of a long trip. It also comes with a carrying pouch for easy storage.

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2. Sony PlayStation Move ““ Php2,499

Sony PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move brings your PS3 gaming to another level. It is going to be the better Wii experience once more titles are made for it. However, the current ones will fill your need for some physical exercise while gaming instead of slouching on the couch while playing Call of Duty. If your Sony PS3 is becoming mainly a Blu-Ray or DVD player, get the Move to spice things up.

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3. a-JAYS One earphones ““ Php1,799

a-jays One

I once read a tip that after getting an iPod or any other mp3 player that is, the next investment should be on a really good earphone. If you don’t want to invest on a really expensive pair of phones, get the a-JAYS instead. From Swedish manufacturer, JAYS, the a-JAYS is an inexpensive pair of in-ear monitors but will still give you a better than the average sound and build quality. There’s also a-JAYS Two and Three if you have money to burn.

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4. Opt iPad Armor Case ““ Php1,760

Opt iPad Armor Case

I’m guessing there will be a lot of people who will be giving or getting an iPad this Christmas. And you know what’s a nice accessory to complement a new iPad? A case to protect it from the occasional bumps and scratches. There are a lot of casing out there but let me make it easy for you, you can’t go wrong with the Opt iPad Armor Case. What’s good about this iPad case is that you can unhinge the cover for a slimmer profile in case you want to use your iPad for reading. They even offer free delivery.

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5. Huawei E5 pocket WiFi router ““ Php5,995

Huawei E5

I’m really high on this little gadget for something that a techie would want for Christmas. With the E5 pocket WiFi, you can forget about those broadband sticks. Just stick your sim on the E5 and share your internet to up to 5 devices wirelessly. Now you don’t have to worry about draining your phone’s battery anymore when using it as a mobile AP. Bring it with you in your car and passengers with an iPad or iPod Touch will surely thank you.

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There you have it folks. Hope you these ideas will help you complete that Christmas shopping list of yours.

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  • bro, would you know where to get the huawei e5?? been looking for one… and part of my xmas wishlist 🙂

    • haven’t seen them yet pero according to the distributor available na raw sya. try electroworld.

    • Diane

      Sorry the E5 is available in limited stocks only for now. In the meantime, you can order your unit from Electroworld. What’s your location so I can refer you to the nearest branch?

    • Diane

      Sorry availability of the Huawei E5 is quite limited right now. You may place an order with Electroworld and you should have the E5 in your hands by next week. 🙂 Kindly let me know your location so I may refer you to the nearest branch.

  • gadgetfreak

    Hi Calvin,

    Where can I get the OPT ipad Armor?

    • in a. shops. or you can have it delivered to your doorstep. click our review link on more info about availability.

  • Calvin, you should do a review on the X-Box Kinect next! My friends and I tried a demo station in Taiwan and it was sooo cool 🙂

    • yeah. sayang talaga walang local presence xbox dito unlike the ps3.

    • Thanks for sharing. Looks like these are some of those cool gadget gift this holiday season. I like the wifi router as it is more convenient and the thought of sharing your internet with other devices is pretty cool.

  • Thanks for the post and the information it gave. Also the gadgets mentioned are worth for giving as a gift on the Christmas occasion.

  • Wow, all you have mentioned is the cool gadget for Christmas gift ideas. By the way, we must collect as much as we can to buy all.

  • Greetings from New York. The presents in this list are
    super cool, and I can see a heap of creative juice was performed.
    It was great and think I found a winner. My boy is challenging
    to buy for cause his likes is a little bit distinct, but there are one or two prodcuts here that he’ll really enjoy.

    So nicely done. This gift list was incredibly helpful as my boy is a collector.

    BTW it will be awesome if a more updated version of this article could be drafted!
    Am I asking for too much?.