PTB’s Top IT Product of 2012

Before the year ends, I would like to take time to write about what I think the best IT product of the year was. Last year I limited myself to gadgets and usually it’s either a phone or a tablet so I’m going to widen my scope this year.

Just a few guidelines, the Pinoy Tech Blog IT Product of 2012 should be:

  • It should be officially introduced in our local market this year. No gray market stuff.
  • It’s something that a lot of people can use.
  • Being innovative is not really a requirement but it’s a plus
  • It should make an impact in its field, not really in terms of market share but on how people adapt to it and companies react to it”¦ an influencer if you will.

I asked this question over at Facebook and although the runaway winner is boring to write about, I have to agree with the few respondents who took time to share their thoughts.

But before I reveal our top IT Product of the Year, I want to share a couple of runner-ups who can easily take the crown as our winner.

I was about to say iPad mini because it was a big step for Apple to finally admit that they need to make a smaller version of the iPad to compete with Android. But then again, it’s just the same old iPad.


Then there’s also the Google Nexus 7, the Android tablet done right, or should I say priced right. Quad-core 7-inch tablet with a high-def screen at an inexpensive price, I think the Nexus 7 pushed Apple to strongly consider the 7-inch tablet market.

So that brings us to our Top IT Product of 2012, Microsoft’s Windows 8.

windows 8 release

Before you begin bashing this article by saying that you prefer Windows 7 than 8, allow me to explain. Windows 8 is the start of something special for Microsoft. From Windows 3.1 up to Windows 7, we always associate the brand to PCs and laptops. With Windows 8, Microsoft was able to seamlessly transition themselves from the PC to MIDs and to mobile which further expands and at the same time unify their ecosystem.

Windows 8 also spawned quite a number of innovative laptops. We’ve seen funky laptop designs in the past few months way more than we did in the past decade. It also legitimizes the OS as a viable contender to the tablet space. Although not immediately, we’ll see it creep into Android’s and iOS’ tablet market share in the coming years.

Windows 8 adoption is not yet high as a lot of people feel more comfortable with the classic UI but it’s a forward-looking OS. As we see more touchscreen notebooks become affordable in the future, we’ll also see Windows 8 become the norm rather than the exception.

So again, Windows 8 is Pinoy Tech Blog’s Top IT Product of 2012. What’s your choice?

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  • sinneD

    At first, i was thinking of iPad mini. But just like you’ve said, it’s just the same old iPad, the only new is its size, which really matters in terms of portability.
    Another is, the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Before i was only joking that: in the future, there would be a digi-cam that will allow you to send SMS, or as i call it, camera with phone functionality. But it still the same android from phone, to tablet, to laptop convert to tablet, to android-powered wristwatch.
    Nexus is just another brand on android for me 🙂

    And yes, i certainly agree that Win8, for me, is the top IT product of 2012. There is so much to discover, explore and experience on it, weather mobile, tablet or touch-screen laptop.

    • the samsung galaxy camera is not a bad product to consider for this award but it didn’t really fly in the market. maybe it’s because of its price tag or its less than stellar performance as a camera.

      • jep

        nice.. thanks!

        i also saw one yesterday accidentally.. there’s an audio shop besides happy lemon in bonifacio high street (forgot the name of the shop though).. lol! priced at 800php..

  • jep

    nice choice.. i definitely agree on this one.. a full revamped UI..

    also i have a question from your previous post, where can i buy he “AKG K311” on-ear earphones..


    • thanks! hmmm astrovision should have one of those. or if you’re in robinson’s galleria… there’s egghead. there are also jbl stores in malls.

  • thejorlanb

    For me, Win8 din, pero i will include Asus Padfone . 🙂

  • I’m looking forward to Windows 9. I have a feeling it will be to Windows 8 what Windows 7 was for Vista. Windows 8 may be pretty, but there’s also no universal design or navigation principles being enforced. Too messy and confusing. I’ll wait for when they get it right.

    • mj

      Windows 8 is not another Vista. Performance is better than 7. You really just need to learn new things because what if Windows 9 will become full Metro/Modern UI? Its just like Windows 7 with a new start menu. I add, it has an improved task manager and file explorer. People back in the day also complained Windows 95 because of UI change from Win 3.1, Windows XP also! But whats XP now? 11 years and still being used today!

  • Mark

    I have to disagree on Windows 8. I’m a recent Linux convert (since Windows 7), and, having had a chance to toy around with Windows 8, I immediately disliked it. I wanted to like it, I really did. But, ‘prettifying’ the transitions, for me, didn’t hide the fact that the whole UI was essentially a blown-up WP7 interface (metaphorically) duct-taped to the old Windows 7 desktop. and in the environment, apps/programs in both ‘modes’ don’t even work together, among other things. (Photo Viewer, example by Extremetech:
    I think, Microsoft was trying to tailor this new release for touch screens, without sacrificing productivity, but it ended up like a Jekyll/Hyde thing. The end result wasn’t pretty. (well, technically…)
    I am not a Luddite. I adored the Unity interface of Ubuntu when it came out. And I wanted to like Windows 8. I like their intention of moving forward with a modern interface. But, I don’t think that this ‘Modern UI’ will cut it.
    And yet, inevitably, there will be no mass exodus of Win8 users, just because of people’s dependency on games and programs for this platform. IMHO, I just don’t think that this can be a top IT product… Peace out!

    • thejorlanb

      I agree on some points, but i think, the blogger’s point is windows 8 is a start for something (both for MS and other laptop manufacturers).
      you can read the last part of the blog.

  • I need to have one of those gadgets! I really really love tablets. I know that it can help a lot on my studies specially on programming on android devices cause I’m an IT students here in Microcity Computer College. I haven’t even use one of those windows 8 devices. I guess I’ll be able to own one of those when windows 9 is released 😀