QTV Taste Testing

I caught a test broadcast of GMA network’s new channel, QTV ““ Quality TV. QTV will soon be available over antenna-TV channel 11. I guess this will be the ka-puso’s counterpart of Studio 23.

In the test broadcast, I saw trailers of various locally-produced TV shows of QTV.

They had this trailer where this doll turned into a life-size robot. Reminds me of that American show “œLittle Wonder” of the late 80’s. Another show features make-overs for housewives ata. Amusing this Melanie Marquez when she says “œIt’s not your problem anymore. It’s our problem anymore!”

There’s a show with a group of 6 or 8 culinary experts. Title was something like “œka-toque” and they promise to whip up some sumptous meals at different households, I gather.

There’s this one that looks interesting. A group of four doctors, making house calls and discussing local medical cases and their diagnoses. Sounds educational, sounds beneficial for Filipinos. Hope they can package it in a way that it gains popularity especially to those who need this kind of health information.

I see they have a line-up of comedies, shows for women/housewives, health, advise etc. Ano pa ba ang mga nakita kong trailers?…

In all, I think QTV will have programs that are more thematically and audience-focused. They’re finding another venue (another channel altogether!) where they do not need to go by the proven formula for success: international soap-operas (espanyol nobela, chinobela, koreanobela, indinobela, crapnobela) or local fantasy-soaps.

Goodluck to QTV. Hope you stick to your title and serve some Quality shows for the Filipinos.

ka edong

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  • That’s Small Wonder. Ah, the good old days … remember Alf?

  • i hate qtv

  • i love Qtv. woooo!

  • shaman0897

    Qtv is better than any other station…i am talking about the programs they show…like anime and korean dramas…^_^

    I hope they will program “Damo” and “Sorry,I love You” for the second time around…i just love these kdramas…super!!!!…and other kdramas they show during the first year of their station…

    About the Anime…I hope they will air HunterXHunter…and finish the episode..
    and program again kaleido star,sugar,little snow fairy and animes before…bec.they were just so nice and amazing…