Qualcomm IoT platform to launch in the near future
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Qualcomm IoT platform to launch in the near future

Qualcomm IoT platform to launch in the near future

For this year’s CES, Qualcomm intends on launching a new Qualcomm IoT platform for smart speakers displays, and other devices. Of course, this will come built-in with virtual assistant support. The company also announced its Smart Audio Platform’s support for Microsoft’s Cortana. Furthermore, its platform will provide support for Google Assistant¬†and Amazon’s very own Alexa Voice Service. Furthermore, Qualcomm also confirmed future support for Android things. To promote advancements in IoT, Qualcomm hopes for better virtual assistant accessibility among the several hardware manufacturers.

Qualcomm emphasizes that the Smart Audio Platform’s Google version will support Android things. Specifically used for IoT devices, Google built the software and plans on launching it soon. On the other hand, the Alexa version will include six-microphone far-field voice support.

Because demand for voice control and assistance has become more and more prevalent, the company designed its platform for greater flexibility among its manufacturers. In addition, the smart speaker market has also witnessed steady growth over the years.

On a related note, Qualcomm also announced its Home Hub platform. In terms of computing power, the platform proves most powerful, and provides basis for Google Assistant-capable smart displays, which Lenovo and others will be launching. Built into two versions, the Home Hub comes in the more powerful SDA624 system on a chip (SoC) for video camera and/or display-equipped devices. On the other hand for more audio-centric devices, it also comes with the SDA212 SoC.


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