Quick Look: SanDisk Mobile Ultra 16GB MicroSDHC UHS-I card

When looking for portable storage cards such as SD cards and microSD cards, the capacity should not be the end-all factor in making your decision especially if you’re dealing with big files in a daily basis like when taking a lot of high-def videos. Data transfer speed is also important and is designated by class.


Here’s the SanDisk Mobile Ultra 16GB MicroSDHC card, a Class 10 SD card and also UHS-I enabled (U1 symbol).

Most SD cards, especially generic ones have a class 2 or 4 rating. These are sufficient for every-day use digital cameras or smartphones looking for extra storage for apps and data although you would notice a bit of lag when viewing photos or launching apps. It’s not made for taking huge photos (> 5MB) though especially those taken in quick successions. It’s also not ideal for taking long Full HD videos due to its limited buffer space required by its slow transfer speed.

Going back to the SandDisk Mobile Ultra Class 10 UHS-I card. With a UHS-I enabled device like some cameras, it can write up to 30MB/sec which is already fast for much of today’s use. If you’re going to use it in your ordinary smartphone or camera, expect a minimum of 10MB/sec transfer speed which should still be more than sufficient for those Full HD recordings. This card will also boost performance of apps stored in it for smartphone and tablet use as compared to lower-class cards.


Not a lot of people know that most new SD cards, especially microSD cards are tough (made a video dunking one underwater). This SanDisk Mobile Ultra card is waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof, and x-ray proof already. Right, even if your device fall underwater, data on your card is still intact. Oh if you’re wondering about the total space, this card will only show 14.8GB for you to use.

The  SandDisk Mobile Ultra Class 10 UHS-I card is being distributed by Eastspark Inc. and costs about Php1,400 depending on stores. Make sure you are buying original SanDisk cards by checking if the Blister Pack is properly sealed. The packaging on original SanDisk SD cards can’t be teared open, you need to cut it up. Or just buy from reputable shops.

Here are the retail prices of other capacities:

  • 4GB ““ Php 500
  • 8GB ““ Php 700
  • 32GB ““ Php 3000
  • 64GB ““ Php 6000
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  • Anonymous

    32 GB where?

    • You can get these cards at the ff stores:

      Memo Express
      Automatic Centre
      Power Telecom Shop

  • Neil

    Hanep Class 10. Last year medyo mataas pa price neto eh. Ngayon nasa P1k nalang pala.

    • around 1k… so dagdag ka mga 400. hahaha.

  • aze

    wow. 1k for 16gb class 10, sir baka may ma recommend ka an store na pwedeng bilhan or may 32 gb ba nito?

    • mali yung unang info na nabigay saken, the price is atcually 1,400.

  • perci

    Where available? Highly trusted ko blog mo kaya buy agad ako mga 4 nyan.

    • You can get it from these stores:

      Memo Express
      Automatic Centre
      Power Telecom Shop

      • Mar

        yung sa memo express at automatic centre na mobile utra ay class 6 lang. saan kaya may class 10? Thanks.

  • NineSwordz

    I have a G.Skill 32GB SDHC Class 10 and I say it’s also a reputable brand. I bought it for Php 1,300. You can find some in sulit etc. 😉

  • Jayvie

    Where to buy? Ang mahal ng nasa sulit eh, puro class 6 pa.

  • Just got word from Iontech with the correct SRPs. The 16GB actually costs P1,400 not P1,000 as originally written.

  • saan pwede bilin to?
    kasi ang address ng Iontech is:
    Room 200 Timbol-Singh Bldg., #915 Aurora Blvd. corner Albany St., Cubao, Quezon City

    ?? pwede bang bilin yan dyan? or nagdidistribute sila sa ibang stores?

  • Primon

    Anong warranty nito?

    • i think kabilang yung country naten sa lifetime warranty nila sa mga cards

  • Mar

    Saang Store at branch kaya may class 10? Thanks.