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Quickphone Kiosks: not practical in the PI

Even if we are the so-called SMS-capital, in the Philippines, it’s not practical to have cellphone vending machines just like what Vodafone did in UK where they deployed such machines particularly in Manchester. The vending machines were dubbed as Quickphone kiosks. For at least £30 ($ 53), you can get a fully-charged handset with £1 worth of calls.

To be able to make these mobile phone vending machines a reality in the Philippines, the booth should be made secured from petty thieves. Imagine putting up a mobile vending machine at the heart of Quiapo (of course this is not a place that a mobile vending machine should be located), a few seconds after getting your phone, you’ll lose your brand new phone. It’s as if you’ve spent on the investment of the phone and in turn, you won’t get any income except for headaches.

Via Engadget

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  • Maybe in the higher-end malls, this would be all right. And perhaps a necessity at the international airports?

  • at the international airports.. yeah.. doable

  • I remember seeing people in restaurants charging their phones without asking or informing the management about it… A. Racoma is right, this will only work in high end malls (I recalled seeing one close to one of the CRs in the Shang or the Podium…)

  • Alma, I think what your referring to is a cellphone charging station. The yellow one, right? around P25 per phone charging, ata?

    The core service of QuickPhone is selling mobile phones via vendo machine.

    Kulang pa ang supply ng phones dito sa ‘Pinas. You know, the long waitinglist to get the phone you want. It *might* work for selling second hand phones … might lang.

    ka edong
    mighty mouse

  • Some US airports have iPod vending machines! 🙂

    @Ka Edong,

    I think it’s best for brand new phones. And there’d better be warranty! Since you can’t inspect the units before purchase, there’s always the risk of getting a lemon (or in the case of 2nd hand phones, a defective or a fugly unit!).

  • kaye

    when i was still stdying in UST we have a phone charging machine there… 15 pesos yata for 30 min.. i can’t remember na.. nasa canteen lang sya… and merong lock.. it is secured by the guard assigned siguro dun..

  • We will have piso charging (coin slot) of cellphones, psp, mp3 player etc. Just like in 7/11 or mini stop only this time we’re going to go sari-sari stores and food stops. Quikie Charger — we’ll call it!