Raid on 5th Ave?

Just a few minutes ago, I witnessed what seemed to be a raid on the 5th Ave Electronics computer store in SM City North EDSA Cyberzone. The store’s sliding metal door was half-closed and people with PNP-CIDG and “Anti-Piracy Team” vests and IDs were walking about, inspecting the shop and presumably confiscating some items for evidence.

5th Ave raid?
Taken with the trusty phonecam (where’s the digicam when you need it?). Click to enlarge.

I’m not really aware whether 5th Ave sells pirated wares, like some other computer stores in Cyberzone, but I suppose this is the reason for the closure. Nobody onsite would answer my queries, though (perhaps we should have press cards). A quick call to BSA rendered me still empty-handed, as they don’t have direct information on raiding activities by the local authorities; their reports are coursed through their main office in Singapore.

At any rate, this may serve as yet another warning to entities operating businesses with non-licensed or inappropriately-licensed software, or selling bootlegged wares.

Update: Raid was confirmed, as per article, here.

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  • It must be related to the ads I read about (but haven’t seen), offering a PhP 1 Million bounty again.

  • Hmm … I’ve thought about reporting erring establishments before. Do you think this would be a wise move?

    Think of the Windows XP and Office licenses we could buy with that money!

  • pinayexpat

    if you do, make sure that they don’t publish your picture or wear a disguise next time you go out.

  • Or maybe a sack or bayong over your head like the Makapili during the Japanese occupation. 😉

  • BTW, Erwin Oliva confirmed it was a raid. Inq7 breaking news feature here:

  • All the more should people consider the open source arena for their software. I hope that schools and universities don’t use pirated softwares—otherwise, what message are sending out to our youth.

  • Good to have a phone cam pic – citizen journalism!

  • Merong nag-comment from an earlier post about Windows XP’s EULA, that it (apparently) forbids using XP for software renting services. So kung totoo nga ito, then it doesn’t matter whether or not the computer shop owner has licensed his/her WinXP installations; mare-raid pa rin naman ang shop niya anyway. 🙁

    I believe that open-source software is a significant step towards the solution to the piracy problem. In theory, anyone can replace Windows with Linux (the popular open-source Unix-based OS). Pero may problem pa rin dito with regard to network games. Most popular games run only on Windows. So kung sa network games kumikita ang computer shop, then mahihirapan siyang mag-switch to open-source solutions. 🙁

  • Hi Perry! May Windows license specifically for that kind of setup (LAN cafe), I believe.


  • mga pards, kumusta na kayo dyan?
    XP Pro. pa ba ang gamit dyan sa atin?
    well OK nga yun, pero mas OK ang WindowsVISTA
    ngayon powerfull ang dating at latest lahat
    ,combine with office 2007, automatic na once you plug anything in your computer, ok ka na lang ng ok, well mas OK kung masusubukan nyo mapa-WOW ka. masarap gamitin, regards na lang sa inyo , CIAO