Rapoo launches new wireless peripherals in Philippine market

Rapoo, one of the leading peripherals brand names in mainland China, recently launched their new product lines in the Philippines. They are preparing to become one of the major players in the IT market, not just in Asia Pacific but all over the world.

rapoo 1

The company was founded in Shenzhen by Michael Tsang in September 2002. They had a 0.8% market share in 2007 and have grown 21 times in 2012, sharing the market with giants like Logitech and Microsoft.

In celebration of their first decade in the IT industry, Rapoo has built the world’s biggest wireless product plant with its assembly line manned by people and production lines utilizing fully-automated robots to cater to Europe, the Philippines and the rest of Asia Pacific market.

Rapoo recently launched their three product lines:

5G Series (3920P, 7800P, 8900P, T120P)

The 5G optical mouse series has the newest 5.8G technology that has anti-interference capabilities. Ever got frustrated with running your mouse across a surface that won’t let it work? These products have “œsurfree” technology that allows it to run on any surface (glass included). It can operate in a distance as far as 10 meters and has an 18-month battery lifetime.

rapoo 5GHz wireless mouse

  • 3920P – Php1910.00
  • 7800P – Php1725.00

Audio Series (H8030, H6080, A3020, H3080, A3060)

The wireless stereo headphones are comfortable, noise-reducing, having an on-ear design and can be used for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It produces high-quality sound and can run for a maximum of 10 hours. You can enjoy your music anywhere, even when traveling, since the it has a foldable design for easy storage.

rapoo headphones

  • H6080 – Php2775.00
  • H8030 – Php1920.00

They also had a good selection of portable Bluetooth mini speakers. I’d like to own one of those can-looking speakers.

rapoo speakers

2.4G Series (6610, 1190, 3360)

The 2.4G series have stunning designs for each optical mouse. It can also operate in a distance as far as 10 meters without worrying about any interference. It’s 2.5x as precise as the ordinary optical mouse and can last 9 months long.

rapoo mouse

  • 1190 – Php620.00
  • 3360 – Php665.00
  • 6610 – Php1205.00

The new product lines are fast, highly affordable and are now available nationwide through authorized dealers. Rapoo peripherals are distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions Philippines, Inc. For more information, log-on to Rapoo’s Web site, http://www.rapoo.com.

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  • Clark

    China Invasion…

  • doms

    I wonder if the wireless headsets sound quality is on par or at least has half of the quality you get from beats or sennheiser headsets.

  • Griswold

    meh. just another chinese peripheral manufacturer.

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