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Ratified.org: Measuring the Philippine Blogosphere

ratified-logo.gifAndrew de la Serna of Alleba Directory, DOTA Strategy and SigShare Fame has come up with an ingenious way of sticking a metric to the Philippine Blogosphere. That is with his latest creation, Ratified.

How it works is that Philippine Blogs are registered into the site then its Technorati link data and Feedburner stats are used to rank them. Data is processed daily and not realtime so as not to overload the server. So basically what we are seeing is a daily snapshot of the Philippine Blogosphere ranking. Of course you will need to have your site registered first at Technorati and your feed at Feedburner.

The idea for ratified was inspired by PinoyTechBlog’s own Abe Olandres, who maintains a list of the top 100 Philippine blogs in Technorati. Andrew also mentioned that he is also planning to include Google Page Rank as one of the metrics for ranking a site in the near future.

So what are you waiting for? Help plot the Philippine Blogosphere, go get yourself ratified. Site submission can be found here.

A post on his blog announcing the launching of the site can be found here.

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