Razer BlackWidow mechanical keyboard goes ninja with Stealth Edition

We reviewed the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard a month ago where our guy couldn’t get over the awesome tactile feedback a mechanical keyboard presents. But you know what’s not awesome with mechanical keyboards? The clackety clack. In the long run, it will be something you hope you can eliminate to avoid letting your parents know you’re still playing late at night.razer blackwidow stealth editionEnter the Razer BlackWidow Stealth Edition (also available for the BlackWidow Ultimate). You get the same performance of a quality gaming mechanical keyboard but refitted with a keyset with a quieter feedback for some stealthy gaming. The BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition also comes with an improved anti-ghosting where you can now do 6 simultaneous key presses anywhere on the keyset so multiple commands and actions can be executed at the same time.

You can already order these stealthy keyboards over at RazerZone. The BlackWidow Standard Stealth Edition goes for USD79.99 while the Ultimate Stealth Edition will set you back USD139.99.

Read our review of the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate so you will know just how badass this keyboard is.

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