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Razer Onza Tournament Edition Gamepad Review

Razer is known for their gaming accessories.  Following their mantra “œFor Gamers, By Gamers” here’s an accessory which both PC and XBOX360 users will love.

Introducing the Razer Onza Tournament Edition.


If you’ve ever used an Original Xbox 360 controller, then the Onza is not that much different.  I have both and use it for the PC, and I actually like the Onza’s shape better.  This one is the Battlefield 3â„¢ Tournament Edition, as you can see from the design.  It also sports a rubberized finish which is good for intense gaming or if you have sweaty hands.  It’s connected to the PC/Xbox360 via a 15-foot braided cable which is bad news for fans of wireless controllers.


The Onza has 2 analog buttons; 6 shoulder buttons in which you can map the other two to any button you want; LED-lit face buttons and the D-pad.  Razer knew what gamers need so they made the analog buttons adjustable.  Whenever you need a heavy analog for more precision like when playing an FPS game, just turn the dial clockwise; and when you need a lighter analog for quick combos in fighting games, do otherwise.  The face buttons are lit for players who like to play in the dark.


The face buttons are unlike other gamepads since this one has a mechanical switch, and you can actually hear the buttons click, as opposed to rubber dome gamepads.  One thing though, the Start and Back buttons are situated near the bottom which feels kind of awkward to press.  Also, if you’re not a fan of analogs in fighting games, the D-pad is not an option.  If only the D-pad has the responsiveness of the face buttons, then this would be THE perfect gamepad for any gamer.


There are 2 extra shoulder buttons for gamers who need, well, two extra shoulder buttons.  It’s not configurable via software, as the Onza uses the same driver as the original Microsoft Xbox 360 Gamepad. You have to press the Remap button and assign any key from the gamepad.


All in all, the Razer Onza Battlefield 3â„¢ Tournament Edition is well worth your money.  There are minor flaws but I’m sure the pros of this product outweigh any of it.  If you’re looking for a gamepad and the Original Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller doesn’t cut it, then the Onza is for you.  You can pick up the Razer Onza Battlefield 3â„¢ Tournament Edition for around Php2,500 and the Non-Tournament Edition for around Php2,000.

  • Backlit keys (A,B,X,Y)
  • Hyperesponseâ„¢ Buttons
  • Two extra shoulder buttons
  • Adjustable tension analog buttons
  • 15 foot braided cable
  • D-pad
  • Awkwardly placed Start and Back button
  • No wireless version
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  • PSanchez

    Nice review, nice BF design as well. IMO the Razer ONZA’s build quality is not sturdy. Mine started having problems after a few months, the left analog stick just keeps pushing left by itself, and the right trigger had some signal consistency issues when pressed. After looking around the local forums, many are having similar quality problems. For an expensive accessory, Razer should have made it more sturdier.

    • Thank you for your feedback PSanchez. Maybe its an issue of Quality Control back at Razer. I haven’t used it for that long to experience any problems. Other Razer products I owned so far are doing great.

  • PSanchez

    Welcome bro, the ONZA has it’s own pros and cons. It’s designed more for the FPS gamer. The D-pad is just not friendly when you play fighting games. The mechanical buttons are nice though compared to MS360 Controller. IMO the only drawback from the rubberized coating is it tends to melt or become sticky in the long run. I had the Razer Diamondback 3G before, it was also rubber coated. After a year or so, it had some sticky residue. Hopefully your ONZA won’t be… I hope you bought that from an authorized retailer, if ever there’s a problem, you’ll have 1 year warranty from RAZER. I bought mine from a 3rd party reseller, which only gave 7 days warranty. My mistake…

    • Thanks for your feedback. Yea, I tried playing using the D-pad but its too clunky to be used for speed and precision. The analog sticks and the face buttons are much easier to use. About the rubber melting, I know what you mean, I experienced that with my old Sidewinder mouse, in which the coating gets sticky. Avoid storing it where the temperatures might get uncomfortable for the rubber lol. I find the analog sticks great in racing games too, as you can adjust the tension and be more precise with turning. Razer sent us this so its all good.

  • Griswold

    nice review. I have a question, what would be a nice alternative to this for budget gamer? yung mura and sulit? sorry if mahirap question ko. 😛

    • Hey Grisworld, hmm,a CHEAP alternative will be to buy a ps2 controller from cd-r king. lol. If you have budget though, I suggest looking into Logitech’s Rumblepad. I heard they’re good too. The only thing that keeps me from using MS’s XBOX controller is the support from games. i.e. they give instructions on which buttons to press, but if you want an alternative, Logitech’s rumblepad would be one of my top choices.

      • Griswold

        thanks bro. i can spend more than CD-R king gadgets naman. hehehe. Sige i’ll go take a look at the rumblepad.

    • Psanchez

      Also used rumblepad before, I agree with sir Andrei, it’s a good controller. Very sturdy. You might need to download an MS controller emulator though, so you can make the vibration compatible with most games.

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