Razer HDK 2 VR Headset now available for pre order

Razer Opens Pre-Orders for the HDK 2

Razer and Sensics Team Up

OSVR, an initiative created by Razer and VR company Sensics, focuses on the same kind of VR tech as Oculus and HTC. However, the HDK 2 may not be a viable purchase for early adopters. With no controllers, the only confirmation Razer has announced is compatibility with third-party peripherals. Despite the lower price point, the HDK 2 does not have the large library of games that the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive has, while still requiring a gaming PC. For now, this particular device is best suited for only a few people. These include developers who want to use the HDK 2 as a dev kit for the OSVR, and consumers looking for a cheap yet high-end VR headset.

The HDK 2 preorder is priced at USD 399.99 (Php 18,835.33) and is available from the Razer online store. No word yet if Philippine pre-orders will be introduced later this year.

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