Receiving G-Cash from Canada

Ka Edong Soriano mentioned that he remitted me money from Canada. This is what happened when I received it through G-Cash.

The first thing was that I didn’t get a notice when it was sent. I guess this is alright if you are expecting a remittance, or if you regularly check your balance. But a casual user like myself would not get an update, otherwise.

Next is I forgot my PIN for the BAL command. I only registered G-Cash a few weeks ago and have never used it. It was easy to forget my PIN. After three tries on my prepaid SIM, I got a message saying I had to call the hotline. I phoned in and they asked my name. I have Globe Handyphone postpaid accounts to my name, so to make sure the PIN was not sent to these, I had to explicitly remind her to send it to my prepaid number.

If I were just an anonymous prepaid user, what’s the use would of giving my name? And since I gave my prepaid number over the phone, and didn’t use other means of verifying it, what’s to stop me from resetting other prepaid users’ PINs?

I used the CHG command to change to an easy-to-remember PIN. The first thing I did to spend my 25 Canadian Dollars was to load my prepaid credit. Globe offers a 10% rebate if you load your phone using G-Cash. This makes sense, because you have to pay a fee to buy G-Cash using cash. In this case, since Ka Edong paid the fee in Canada, I got the 10% discount. Globe makes a profit here since the cash never left the Globe system.

I then made a transfer to another G-Cash user. This also does not leave the Globe system. In this case, I made a payment from an online seller. Ironically, this was on behalf of someone else who had a G-Cash account but damaged the SIM. Since the balance was only a few hundred, the account holder didn’t bother trying to retrieve the money.

The hassle is in cashing out, when the money leaves the Globe system. I had only PhP 135 left and I needed to experience an actual cashing out for this article. I went to what should be the easiest place to perform the transaction – a Globe Business Center. I went to SM Makati. Ironically, even while The Hub in Glorietta is the flagship Globe store, they do not perform G-Cash transactions there.

I went to the Business Center near closing time, 8:45PM. There were no other customers. I gave my Drivers’ License as an official ID. They needed to keep a photocopy. I filled out the cash out form.

The Frontliner didn’t tell me that I would receive a SMS to confirm. I didn’t mind my phone in my pocket. So the frontliner asked me a little bit later. By that time, it was too late and she had to send it again.

I received the message saying the transaction has timed out. Then after 5 minutes or so, I received the “please enter MPIN” message coming from 2882+reference number. I replied with my MPIN.

I signed the receipt. I had to pay PhP10 for the cash-out fee, so I got a net of PhP125. They did not have change so they asked for PhP25, and gave me PhP150. I thought I also heard a comment that I was cashing out “only” PhP135.

From this little experience I think that Globe wants to keep the money inside the G-Cash system and not convert it to real cash. Does verifying my identity and signing forms actually help with anything? Perhaps someone could narrate their experience with G-Cash fraud.

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  • looks like a security hole you found, migs. You snoop! hahaha!

    Let’s see what our friends from globe have to say.

    Funny thing is, your G-cash experiences sound soooo familiar!

  • Maybe Globe doesn’t support the G-Cash product anymore?

  • J

    I just sent GCash to a seller of gaming stuff on one of the online games i was playing via the Glorietta Hub and they were ok, the money was sent for free and my clanmate online gave me the stuff i needed after recieving the GCash.

    i did ask though about why i needed to fill-up the form and show my id and they said it was because it was mandated by banko sentral and also for them to know to which number i’m sending my money to through the form.

    guess its still better than having to open a bank account or other expensive money transfer services for me. =)

  • hi everyone. interesting article:)
    if this can help you, would like to answer a few of the questions that i can based from my years of using the gcash service of globe.

    “didn’t get a a notice when it was sent” – weird but everytime i get gcash from someone else or when i cash in to my own no. i always get a message from 2882 informing me of the update in my gcash.

    yeah after 3x of unsuccessful entry of your MPIN, your account will be locked (i think this is standard security feature of the service. even in my bpi mobile banking got locked out after 3x of wrong pin) at least no one would be able to tamper with your phone/gcash because they won’t know your pin:)

    about the giving out of name,etc that’s part of the KYC (know your customer) of bangko sentral:) (btw, i work in a call center and for a telco in US and this is true we have to verify customer details muna before doing any transaction with their number/account) naks im learning na bout these stuff, hehe. when i got my pin locked and asked help for a new pin, they asked me not only my name but my address and mother’s maiden name. nakulitan nga din ako but when i asked the agent said they have to verify if the caller is the registered user of gcash or something like that.

    if ever your phone gets lost or sim got damaged, i think you can still get the gcash amount of your phone. i just don’t know of the specific process/thing you have to do. hehe

    again the showing of valid photo ID and the photocopying of ID, plus the form you fill out is still part of the KYC. KYC is a big thing on financial transactions i think. even in banks. so there:)

    the frontliner should have informed you of your need to reply with your pin when you were cashing out. buti nalang when i do that al the frontliners i encounter are okay. maybe dapat nagreklamo ka or something, hehe.

    yup may fee nga if you cash out the money. 1% or Php10 ata pag below 1 thou. o ayon:) good day guyz! hope i was of help.

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  • jayleen

    what is the process that globe gcash does to get back the money in the gcash wallet when somebody lost their phone? i need to know if it’s really retreive?

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  • Alice

    Gcash works well to me too. I agree with reign. But interesting article! 😀

    I believe you can still retrieve the gcash money from a lost/damaged sim. All you have to do is give the mpin to the frontliner so he could open the acct. Thats just my theory. 🙂

    “Does verifying my identity and signing forms actually help with anything?”
    -It does, it will show if you check your last transaction in myglobe services. And when you cash in to other people as well.

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  • GCASHer

    ..I was about to cash out my gcash money but unfortunately, 2882 replied “sorry, you are not allowed to use this transaction. Call 2882 for further assistance.”

    I didn’t really know why i am not allowed to proceed with the transaction.. I have been an active gcash for 3 years. And in fact, 2 weeks ago, i was able to receive gcash money and cash it out. So I really have no idea why I am allowed this time..

    So I immediately called 2882 and the cust. service rep. advised me to go to a globe business center in my area and update my gcash account. I asked her the reason why my account was deactivated but neither she knows why. (I felt disappointed…-_-)

    So early next day, i went to a globe business center and updated my account. But then again, the customer care agent seemed “not knowledgeable” about mu queries. Like the 2882 agent I talked to the phone, she also doesn’t know any reason about the deactivation of a gcash account.. (too bad… I think they have to have even a little idea why things like this happens.. even a hint..)

    Not so sure about my “gcash issue”, she went to ask her fellow cust. care agent. She took a while. When she came back, she asked me to fill out a form with my name, date, mobile number, gcash balance, and my signature.. she told me that they have to forward it to their head office so that they can reset my gcash account. And she said that I have to wait until tomorrow to receive a gcash reactivation message.. i even asked her if I still have to come back, but she said, “no.. you just have to wait for the message..”

    So I waited all day the next day, but no “reactivation message” came. I really felt mad especially that I really need to cash out the money for my tuition fee.. Feeling bad, I called 2882 again… I told the agent about the issue and same process (asked my full name and mobile number)… she asked me to hold on for awhile while she double checked my account.. and after, she told me to just come back to the globe business… I asked her what has she found out when she double checked my account, and she answered “sorry ma’am, but we have no means and access.. blah..blah..blah!” (USELESS!!!!)

    I am sorry if I am throwing myself so much.. I just feel very bad because it was saturday supposedly when I needed to cash out my gcash… And its Wednesday tomorrow.. I am late for enrollment.. And the worse thing is, not one of those GLOBE GCASH AGENTS can answer why my account was deactivated… and much worse, I waited all day but no “reactivation msg” received.

    They have my number, they should have informed me if there is any problem why they can’t activate it the designated day, or anything…

    *I’ll be coming back to the globe business center tomorrow… /sad=(/