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Recommended Games for the Mac – December 2006

Here’s the list i promised Jun of magandangbalita.com regarding recommended games for the Mac:

1. Age of Empires 3 – RTS goodness. I don’t know how good it will look on the Mac though.
2. Civilization 4 – The best turn based strategy game available. Sid Meier at his best.
3. The Sims 2 – you probably have played this at one time or another
4. World of Warcraft – still the best mmorpg around, i have a post at codamon.com regarding how to play WoW from the Philippines.
5. Championship Manager 2006 – Manage your soccer club to victory.
6. Heroes of Might and Magic V – Turn based fantasy.
7. Prey – Xbox 360 and PC shooter coming soon to the Mac.
8. The Movies – Peter Molyneux’s (Dungeon keeper, populous) movie tycoon game. Create your own Movies and Share it Online. Shipping Dec 2006.
9. and 10. Geneforge and Dominions III : The Awakening – Indie developer RPGs.

One question Jun asked that i didn’t answer was, Does the Mac have game? What do you guys think?

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  • These games work well on the GMA 950 video chipset? So they should be OK on a Core/Core 2 laptop

  • The GMA950 would probably be able to handle low res gaming minus aa and aniso except probably for Prey (unless they “optimized” the code when they ported it) and Civ4 since it crawls on a GMA900 but is smooth on an ati X200M

    WoW works well even with a GMA900 (as long as you’ve got at least 768MB on a pc)

    Others like the Movies and the Sims, would probably be CPU bound when played at a low res setting so a Core Duos Duo 2 would have no problem…

  • Where did my comment go? Ulit.

    I have an iBook G4 and have played Nanosaur 2 only (and chess and that picture puzzle thingy)? What impressed me most is the very smooth graphics. Am not sure if it is because of the game or the machine or both. But if my gut feel is correct, the MAC has game just as much a PC would. Or maybe be even better?

    A corollary question would be: Will you buy a MAC for gaming (versus getting a PC)?

    I’d love to play AOE 3, CIV 4 and HOMM 5 (which would probably take me at least two years to finish =) WOuld they work on my iBook? And does anybody who wants to give me any of these games?

  • Civilization IV is a gem! Sid Meier is God! hahaha