Red Mobile is the new celco in town

Red Mobile officially launched its website last Saturday which unveiled the new cellular service from CURE, a 3G licensee bought by PLDT in April this year.

Red Mobile effectively replaced the old uMobile brand of CURE and now aims for the same target market as Sun Cellular. The TVCs that’s been airing around makes it pretty obvious actually.

Red Mobile have been calling up uMobile subscribers and telling them they will receive a new SIM card for free which includes Php200 of call and text loads.

The RM rates are as follows:

Php0.50/minute – red mobile to red mobile calls
Php6.50 – red mobile to other network calls

Php0.50/minute – red mobile to red mobile text message
Php1.00 – red mobile to other network text messages

Php7.50 per 15 mins – 3G internet

A Red Mobile SIM is priced at a very low Php39. The big catch here actually is that Red Mobile will only work on 3G capable handsets and on areas where 3G signal is available. This is because CURE’s license is only for a 3G spectrum.

Why the change from uMobile to Red Mobile? Here are possible reasons.

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  • dwin

    i am a sub-distibutor of globe, how can we do business with you?

  • shin0

    wat if my cellphone has not 3g capability?
    red mobile is good, but for riches only.. tsk tsk..

  • yes yes. they are only good for those who have 3G phones. huhu for those who can’t afford but wanted to afford their rates very badly.

    visit my site also:

  • I think it should offer unlimited on red mobile to red mobile calls but with a limited time. It should give a time for unlimited calls.

  • stephen

    smart SUCKS!!!

  • Did you know that Red is Spanish for network?

    As to the 3G handsets, they’re not that expensive. My LG KU380 is about PhP7,500, and you may be able to find cheaper handsets in tipidpinoy or bidshot or

  • Sir Dude Abe, the link takes me to an empty page?

  • iMadrid

    Red Mobile says it runs on a UMTS 3G network. If you can get a Huawei-E220 3G modem (or similar) with my Macbook and get Internet. That would be sweet.

    Forget the mobile phone service I dont need that crap. I just want Internet. Its affordable at Php 7.50/15mins for the occasion there is no wifi. I have DSL at home so its kind of expensive if I would subscribe to a Wireless 3G ISP service from SUN, Globe or Smart.

    Anyway Red Mobile website is just plain bad. There is no link or info there where you can Call or Email a human to ask some questions. They look like a fly-night-telco service to me. Even if they are now owned by PLDT.

  • ice

    their international call is the most expensive of all the telco

    i tried calling my aunt at romania and it cost me 20pesos per minute 🙁

  • red user


    it would not be a hype here in the phils..


    majority of people are not charged with a 3G fone..

    meaning most of the so called “target market” will not comply..

  • Ace

    too bad red mobile will not become a hit here in the philippines.a 3g handset is required in order to us their sim which simply means “it sucks”. R.P. is a developing country! duh! who the hell think it would be a big hit if almost everyone here in the phil. doesnt even have a 3g handset. “sulit kaba sa unlimited mo? wake up! compare to this new network id rather choose the network who aims to target the “MASA” pupulation than to target the ones who can afford the 3g handset.

    we all know whats happening in the economy of the worl right.why bother choosing what could cost u more bucks? 3g handset? thats a big no-no for this time of the year..

    be economic wise..

  • Nono

    iMadrid: Globe charges Php5.00 per 15min. surfing.

  • raine

    sun cellular is still better to me.

  • mhylie_28

    pangit! kasi kelangan pa ng 3G handset pra mgamit.. mas sulit pa rin ang sun cell..

  • baby

    tried using the red mobile called up my friends using the sim with my 3g phone it SUCKS!!!!!! the signal is really poor makes our conversation really bad!!!

  • i think redmobile is the elitist version of suncellular. haha. seriously. i mean, who would bite at their gig when the catch does not justify the mean. why in the hell would i buy a 3g fone and a 39php sim. when i could buy (x)php fone and say 100php sun cellular sim where it WOULD NOT require the 3g fone and 3g signal? they are just narrowing their market tho those who has money to spend on a relatively unspecial celco.

  • Gai

    Your network’s a bullshit!!!
    busy line my ass!

  • danny

    i’ve been using red mobile for almost a week now. i don’t see or read anyone giving their review about the said network, so allow me to do it.

    me (alabang) and my gf (malinta) have been using this network and are quite satisfied with it. but like all other networks, it does have its pros and cons.

    – once activated (3G setting), it really is P0.50 per text/call/video call
    – i almost never text my gf anymore, cause i can say far more by calling/video calling her for just P0.50 a minute
    – i noticed that its signal strength/weakness are of the same places where smart is also strong/weak
    – it’s signal strength is about 90% reliable. meaning, about 10% of the time, i can’t contact my gf
    – its load centers are not as ubiquitous as the other networks

    So overall, weighing in the pros and cons, i’m quite satisfied with red mobile. buti na lang 3G enabled ang phone ko at ng gf ko. sorry na lang sa mga low tech phones dyan!

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • anti danny

    danny, you call that a review? what a load of [email protected]!!!

  • danny

    anti danny,

    you call that a reply? you’re so full of envy!

  • Alexa

    does the red mobile work on a smart load? isnt it that smart is its sister company, so does it work with the same load, or do you really have to acquire a load of red mobile to be able to use it? whick is quite rare on malls.

  • hush planning to buy a red mobile sim,but i really wonder if my mother in Pangasinan will have a 3g signal there…the signal of globe in pangasinan(somewhere in pangasinan where my mom lives) cannot have 3g signal,only im really wondering if redmobile will have 3g signal there coz i really want to make video call with my mom.

  • lala

    For those people who aren’t noticing the TV ads, RED mobile can be used with a 2g phone now. For me, it’s better to pay with good quality voice calls than choppy calls. Sun Cellular makes students more addicted to cellphone which creates a hindrance to school and other priorities and obligations. Too much something is bad enough.

  • chris

    p0or signal. .iilang l0cati0n lng sa pinas ung may 3g signal. .duh

  • devil

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  • Roland

    Kailangan ko ng SRP 29 na red mobile sim card 2,000pcs meron ka? I can pay you today if you have. Thanks ROland

  • Kano Gwapo

    I switched to Red from SMART Buddy after thinking that SMART Buddy was the worst cell phone network I had ever used. Red worked fine for a short period of time, but now I’m discovering that most of my text messages aren’t delivered, calls don’t go through during most hours of the day, and, when they do go through, calls are dropped frequently. It is one of the few networks in my budget, though, so I guess I can’t complain too much. I just wish that it worked.

    Bottom line: if you can afford the post-paid monthly plans of SMART or Globe, it might be a better option. There seems to be a tiered level of priority that works against anyone using a promo on the prepaid network options.

  • judea

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