Rediscovering the Thunder in Thunderbird

Eons ago when I had to wake up at exactly 6am every weekday just so I won’t be late for work, I start every day by opening Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client, which manages three separate e-mail accounts, two of them international and the other intra-company.  I remember how it worked beautifully for us.   Lag times were almost non-existent, the interface was very user-friendly, and although its color reminds me vaguely of old Windows 98, it was efficient, stable and most importantly free.  When I was “laid-off” from work middle of this year I completely forgot about it, until this Monday when I got fed up opening 7 e-mail accounts from gmail at various times of the day.  Yup, I’m now accessing all those accounts with just one email software.

 Mozilla Thunderbird 2 has already been rolled off, and according to the software’s website(download link), it is now more secure than ever and sports new features for easier mail organization.  Frankly I never got to read any FAQs about Thunderbird 2, considering it was very easy to setup and it felt like an old ball on my baseball mitt.  The fact though is that I can now open my seven gmail accounts simultaneously with just one click of a button. And I never get to curse myself again when I sign out my primary mail and I’m in the middle of creating those gorgeous adsense links(i.e. adsense accounts are linked to gmail accounts, and signing out from one signs you out of the other).   If you have suffered from my email blunders I suggest you get Thunderbird as well by following these steps:

  1. Download Mozilla Thunderbird here.  Install it on your system. 
  2. Log-in to your gmail account.  At the uppermost right of the page, click Settings.   
  3. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  4. Tick Enable on IMAP Access: row, and hit the Save Changes button below.
  5. Launch the Thunderbird program. Choose to create a generic e-mail account.  (hint: I  didn’t use the googlemail button)
  6. Input the server settings and other information as specified by this page
  7. That’s it!  On your first use, you would be required to input your gmail password.  Save it with the program.
  8. Check if you have e-mail access and proceed with adding your other e-mail accounts by clicking on File->New->Account and after modifying their own gmail settings.

 I haven’t tried my yahoomail on Thunderbird yet but I’m sure they can work together too based on many How To website pages.  How about you? What e-mail client do you use for all your accounts?  I would like to hear your experiences on the most basic service arguably most people think the Internet is all about.


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  • I think Yahoo! Mail only offers POP access with Mail Plus, unlike Google that offers POP/IMAP for free.

  • Aja is correct. It only works with Yahoo Mail Plus. One of many reasons why Gmail is better.

  • It took me an hour to perfectly configure the free Yahoo mail in Thunderbird. You just need Ypops. Spam, however increased, that’s why I deleted it from Thunderbird.

  • I am also an avid user of the mozilla suite (i.e., thunderbird, firefox, sunbird, etc.). Only problem I had with its use is when my old pc broke down and I have reinstall a fresh copy of thunderbird to a new pc. I have redownload all my messages in gmail…took almost the whole day!
    Otherwise its better app that outlook since you get it for free.

  • panzer

    I’ve been using Thunderbird for 3 years and is very satisfied in using it. Fast loading, easy to set up and doesn’t eat precious system resources.

  • Paul Pestolante

    I’m also a Thunderbird user. It simply rocks. Hands down.