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Restore contacts and retain your prepaid number with Smart’s SIMSafe

It’s inevitable these days to lose your phone, and its SIM and all your contacts with it. I think I have lost my phone six times already but since I’m a postpaid subscriber, I was able to retain my number through all those times. Prepaid subscribers have to deal with changing numbers every time they lose their SIM but that’s about to change with Smart’s SIMSafe.


Smart SIMSafe is a service available to Smart’s prepaid subscriber where in the event that they lose their SIM card, they can get a replacement SIM having the same number and with all their contacts intact. This service costs a minimal P120 a year which is not a bad investment to secure your SIM.

A caveat here is that the app you need to sync your contacts to Smart’s cloud (http://simsafe.ph)  is only available to Nokia and Sony Ericsson users. First sync is free upon registration but every time you sync back, it will cost you P10 a pop. Other phone users must find other ways to sync SIM contacts to the cloud which should not be a problem for smartphone users.

Anyway, the reason why you’re paying for this service is to retain your number in case you lose your phone. The restore contact feature is just an added benefit for supported phones.

Here’s how you can use this service:

To avail themselves of the service, Smart and Talk “˜N Text subscribers must first register their mobile number by texting REG to 7467. The text costs P1.

They must then accept the terms and conditions to be sent through text, by sending AGREE <six-letter password> <first name> <last name> <email> to 7467. (For example: AGREE psswrd bryan tan [email protected]) P120 will be deducted from their load balance.

Subscribers who have lost their SIM can use another Smart or Talk “˜N Text number to report the incident. All they have to do is text LOSS <password> <lost mobile number> to 7467. They will receive instructions on how to claim their replacement SIM and how to download the saved contacts to their new handset.

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  • Griswold

    this is nice actually for the prepaid subscribers out there lalo na for Smart who has a really huge number of prepaid users. pero yung pag re-sync ng contacts free na dapat.

    i wonder if Globe will follow suit with a similar service.

    • thejorlanb

      Globe replaces sim card, but somehow pricey..

  • tpen09

    In the past 3 years, I’ve lost 3 phones with my globe prepaid in it. Good thing with globe, they’ve been replacing it (with the same number, with the same amount of load before it was lost) for FREE no matter how many times it was replaced. I don’t have to pay yearly for that. About the contacts, who needs to sync to a network cloud? Having a PC back up is better than that and again its for free. 🙂

    • thejorlanb

      Wow, you got it for free… >,<
      Some sim replacements costs 150 Php…

      • tpen09

        The first one wasn’t. But the succeeding ones were free. I was also wondering why it was free, but I think it’s their CSO’s prerogative. Naawa siguro. Haha.

  • carlo


    Really they offer prepaid sim replacement with the same number?
    How do I avail this service from Globe?

    • tpen09

      The first time asked for a lost sim replacement, they asked for a proof that I own the sim card. Good thing I was able to keep the sim holder. When they checked on the system, they said there is no available sim compatible to my number (not sure how and what is that), so they asked for my other contact number (gave them my sun number, haha) and promised that they will contact me as soon as they have a compatible sim. A few days later, got a message that the sim was then available. When I got there, they asked me to fill up some papers and pay 50 or 100 (I forgot). In less than 30 minutes, I got my new sim card. Not sure though if they still require the sim holder if you wanted a replacement now.

      In the succeeding lost (haha), they only asked for my ID and gave my new sim for free. I don’t know if it’s an act of sympathy of their CSO but I liked it. She mentioned that it’s in their system that I had a sim replacement before.

      The last time I asked for a replacement, they only have a 32k sim (not good for mobile banking). They said that I can wait for a certain period of time if I want a 64k sim replacement. But I preferred to have my number and do the banking in other modes (haha). So I got my new sim the same day I requested for it.

      • thanks tpen! i didn’t think of that… showing proof that you own that number.

  • Yeah it’s true. .
    For only P49.00 for TnT sim and P99.00 for Smart Buddy sim.

  • Marjorie

    everytime I avail of the LOSS sent to 7467, the reply is “sorry the password you have texted is not registered. please try again with correct data.” what password? i used LOSS and sent to 7467. please help me.

    • Chirstian

      Marjorie are you already a simsafe subscriber when you texted loss to 7467? why not try posting on their facebook page so that they can fix the problem. 😀

    • Chirstian

      Hi Marjorie, I have already checked your problem with SIMsafe. It seems that the number you are trying to retrieve is another number and not the number that you have registered. Simsafe can only replace the number that yo have registered with them. If you have any other questions you can direct your queries to the SIMsafe facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SIMsafe?ref=hl

  • optic920

    is it possible to change smart prepaid numbers to another?

    like on my sun postpaid, i change the whole numbers and paid 500 php for it