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Restore Old Data With Huawei’s Phone Clone

Huawei proudly announced the launch of the Phone Clone on the Google Play Store. This will allow users to transfer any and all data from their current smartphone, to any Huawei phone. Allowable transfers include contacts, messages, photos, videos, music and even installed apps. Huawei hopes that this move will increase their market share by encouraging people to switch to their smartphone brand. After all, the Phone Clone now simplifies the process of moving everything from one phone to another.

Huawei Phone Clone

For those who are already fans of the Taiwanese smartphone brand, Huawei to Huawei transfers offer even more convenience. Besides the usual transferrable data such as contacts, photos, and videos, Huawei to Huawei transfers will also accomodate app data, settings, alarms, memos, browser bookmarks, and phone layout. The Phone Clone delivers completely wireless transfers via a local hotspot. It also touts simplicity through migration that only takes four steps.

Pricing and Availability

Huawei’s Phone Clone app can be downloaded right now for free from the Google Play Store. The download size is 7.3MB, and requires an Android OS of 4.0 and above. Check the Google Play Store page for the app for more details.

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