Review of 8″ Sony Vaio P

Now that the Sony Vaio P is available in the Philippines, we got a review unit and tested it out for about a week. Here’s a quick run down of my review:


  • It’s thin, as in super thin — the Vaio P is just 0.78 inches thin. That’s 0.02″ off of the Macbook Air.
  • The Vaio P is very light weight. At just 1.4lbs, it’s the lightest ultraportable locally available in the market and almost 50% lighter than most netbooks.
  • Sleek, sturdy design. Sony put a lot of effort in the make and construction of the Vaio P.
  • Great, crisp display at high resolution (1600×768 pixels).
  • Fast and power-saver SSD storage.

sony vaio p review philippines


  • A little slow because of Windows Vista (even if it’s already running 2GB of RAM).
  • Pointing device it a little hard to manage.
  • High/expensive price point.

Read the complete review of the Sony Vaio P.

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