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Revisiting Philippine Online Payment Services

From Abby Ongyanco-Lim’s blog, local payment systems/services don’t seem to get much penetration. I hardly know half of them.

She posted a list of Online Payment Solutions as presented from the recent 4th National E-commerce Congress:

  • PAYplus+ by Yehey – BANCNET and MEGALINK
  • PayEasy by Mozcom – VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX/DISCOVER by Paypal & G-Cash
  • Wi-Max Business Innovation – BDO ATM, G-Cash, Smart-Money, Wi-max Wallets
  • G-Cash by Globe – Mobile Micro Payments
  • SmartMoney by SMART – Mobile Micro Payments
  • Of the lot, I only have experience with Yehey’s PayPlus service thru local merchants. SmartMoney, though an award-winning mobile service, faded because of slow adoption. G-Cash is more promising but we need more consumer education on how to use it. Mozcom’s PayEasy has Paypal? How’d that happen? (US subsidiary maybe?)

    We go back to the basic problem, internet penetration and credit card holders. So far, G-Cash has the potential to really make it big.

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    • I’ve used ThePort for NSO Certificates using my ATM, it works and works good. PayPlus gives too many errors and requires you to sign up. PayEasy looks interesting.

    • * ThePort by Unionbank – buhay pa pala ito. I remember seeing full-page ads of this service more than 3 years ago.
      * PAYplus+ by Yehey – I never used this. I don’t use megalink nor bancnet.
      * Bancnet – BANCNET, MEGALINK, EXPRESSNET — We’ve seen a lot of advertisements about this. Hope the hype measures up to quality service. talaga, kasama ba ang expressnet dito? Masubukan nga.
      * Wi-Max Business Innovation, PayEasy – never heard.
      * G-Cash by Globe – If they can come up with a toolkit where a webmaster just gives a cellphone number and the toolkit gives an html code to be installed on a website, that would be cool.
      * SmartMoney by SMART – I heard through my reliable bubwit that SmartMoney is coming out with a rejuvenated (simplified!) version of their Smart Money.

      ka edong

    • gabusch

      Ka Edong, Yehey’s PayPlus is a service that makes use of The Port for its Bancnet services. And it uses another provider for Megalink (or is it the other way around?).

      I’m going to try PayPlus soon on a project we’re cooking up, will let you know how it goes.

    • dont try payplus please, its just laiden with errors, there was a time before i could never sign up. You wouldnt want to trust your money with a place like that

    • The last time I inquired with an online credit card acquirer, I only had one comment: mahal silang maningil.

    • my problem with payplus is walang tao sa forum nila— no customer support! What happens to your account if you get deducted so much… and you don’t know how to resolve the problem? pano ung pera mo?

    • riche

      we have problem with our e-commerce payment scheme. we paid 2CO to activate our ecommerce facilites, but it’s not even functioning yet. we are planning to tap payplus…

    • i use bancnetonline, tagal na nito.. it helps us here in the office kaysa sa pumila kami sa banko ng 1-2 hrs minsan, lalo n kung may long weekends

    • Tisay

      walang kwenta ang wi-max sa eload nga lang palpak na sila, customer support nila 10am mon-fri start ng pasok pag may problem ka sa gabi at early morning wala sumasagot pati sat and sun. Lahat ng services may bayad dami hidden charges, txthelpline nila magtxt ka ng problem mo ng sat sasagutin ka nila monday na, nakakunsumi kaya mabuti pang magdirect ka nlang sa smart or globe.

    • with e-commerce, it wont boom as much like in the states due to acquiring credit cards here in phil is so freakin hard.. itl’ll take usually 2 weeks before they process your application and once granted, another two weeks to deliver.. i myself work as a credit card salesman before for citibank and the odds that an applicant would get approved for a creidt card is 20:80, as in 80% of the applicant are denied or rejected..

      with m-commerce, itll take off once Globe or Smart can provice security to their subscriber.. who in their decent mind would pay a stranger using their cellphone..? probably you’ll ask, why..? well, i’ll ask you another question instead, what are the oddities that you know someone who sells an ipod or a laptop that accept mobile wire transfer..?

      joke: what do you call a mishap on an m-commerce and e-commerce..?


      f-commerce (fuck-commerce, get it..? wahahahahaha!!!)

    • We shopped around for a payment gateway service provider and they are all expensive. For a small web business like ours, the set-up fees (P50,000 for payplus) were horrendously large and the commission they ask for is also big (6%). With our spread of only 5%, magkaka-utang pa kami if we use the local services.

    • Wala nang payplus. Yehey now has “Kaban”. But still expensive 50K ONE TIME (for life na ) ang problem … kaya nga nag o-online business and not brick and mortar eh kasi mas less capital tapos maglalabas din ako ng 50k, i dont even know if it will click or not šŸ™

    • Aurecel

      I have researched about PayPlus. It has a history of lawsuits and anomalies pala. Kaya nalilito na ako anong klaseng online payment and talagang mapagkakatiwalaan.

    • Has anyone tried PesoPay? I think it’s new. My group needs an online payment system for non-profits that doesn’t charge much because we don’t even know if we’ll get much. There seems to be a dearth of such in the Philippines. If there were more, online entrepreneurship would really thrive. Our banks are crazy for not even thinking of going into this business.

    • Here’s some of the my top list:


    • I also recommend using Weepay as an Online Payment System. They are connected to Bancnet and Megalink and already has several merchants. Integration is easy and the settlement is fast.

    • I also recommend using Weepay as an Online Payment System. They are connected to Bancnet and Megalink and already has several merchants. Integration is easy and the settlement is fast.


    • Jerome Ngo

      Please check Asiapay / Pesopay, check its awesome features and security.

      http://www.asiapay.com / http://www.pesopay.com

      Tel#: 8870088 / 8872288

    • So should check – AsiaPay & or PesoPay, Reputable Online Payment Gateway provider in 15 banks in Asia and has accredited by PCI-DSS for 4 consecutive year now.

    • Hi guys!

      You can actually have another option in doing online Payments or withdrawal by linking your Paypal account to UnionBank EON card.To know more about this you can post your question to our wall at facebook.com/unionbankph or tweet us on twitter account @unionbankph or check our website at http://www.unionbankph.com.

      We will be glad to see you there.

      Thank you!

      UnionBank of the Philippines

      • camytots

        Paypal is sick. Palagi kayong hihingan ng kung ano ano bwisit. Apparently I have 6400 dollarsat hinold lang nila at kung ano anong papeles ang hinihingi. Grabe. For more HORRIBLE stories read http://www.paypalsucks.com

    • Biller Direct, where the bills produced by an organization are made available through that organization’s Web site. This model works well if the recipient has reasons to visit the biller’s Web site other than to receive their bills.

    • Hi,

      Yespayments has been in the country for almost a decade now, the premiere online payments provider, PCI DSS Compliant.

      Rates and fees are very competitive and provides Active Risk Management via Automated Fraud Alert.

      Local directlines available 24×7, even on holidays, via landline, mobile and email.

      Contact us through [email protected] or visit our website at http://www.yespyments.com.


      YESpayments Sales

    • akosimel

      i am paying using bancnet (security bank) pero laging invalide ATM/Reference number… e tama naman ung iniinput ko.. .kakainis… ilang digits ba un? kasma ba 0? pls help