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RIM releases Blackberry App World 3.1

If you haven’t received the update notification for the BlackBerry App World yet, you will soon. The new BlackBerry App World 3.1 was released late last week with a number of new features.

Gift Request


See something you like in the App World? Why not request it from a friend? You can use the “Request Gift” feature to send an app gift request to one of your BBM contacts and they can decide whether to ignore it or if the stars are aligned, buy it for you.

Content Rating and Filtering


I don’t know how many children are using BlackBerry but if you’re a parent and you want to keep your App World wholesome, there’s now an industry standard content rating system in place. You can set the rating in your Account > Content Control settings and choose among Adult, Mature, Teen or General.

App World WiFi

I’m sure for most BB users, you just don’t understand why you can’t browse, purchase or download content from the App World over WiFi if there’s no cellular signal present. Like when you’re inside a Free WiFi access bunker. I’m sure most of you BB users have BIS turned on all the time but for those who somehow don’t have coverage but have WiFi, you can now do your normal App World stuff with this 3.1 version.

Lastly… oh wait. That’s all there is for this update. So what do you think?

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  • Griswold

    Meh… boring update. RIM needs to come up with something that would shake the mobile world in order to stay afloat.