RIP: Windows XP

Bye, bye Win XP.

On July 1, 2008, Microsoft officially discontinued giving out licenses for the operating system, Windows XP.

Windows XP was first launched back in October 2001 with hundreds of millions copies being sold worldwide. Microsoft is moving forward with their new OS, Windows Vista.

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  • Windows Vista is a bloatware, ang lakas pa kumain ng resources.

  • Julius

    That’s good coz it’s time for the macs and nix to rule.

    I have been using Ubuntu Linux in my PC right now and I love it! My Pentium Dual Core with 1GB RAM is much faster, more stable and solid than both Windows XP and Vista combined.

  • I always use Windows XP I never experience any problem.

  • I use Windows XP, and last I checked not all Windows-based programs are adapted for installation on Vista.

    The ceasing of Windows XP is also timely with Bill Gates’ resignation as a full-time employee from Microsoft.

  • bye bye na nga. haha

  • Elsuirad

    Bakit nagkaganun? Kung kelan pa sila nag release ng SP3 saka pa nila inihinto na sana ay improve pa nila ang mga bugs na maiayos ng hindi na magkaroon pa ng mga new programs katulad nitong Windows 7 after ng mga Vista na yan, sa same ding nagkaproblema dahil sa SP1 update.