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Riya Photo Search is now on “SoAlphaItHurts” stage

Riya is one of the promising photo search engine with a face recognition technology. The idea is if you upload > 1,000 or more photos, you can train it to recognize your face and tag the photo appropriately in the process. I was very much interested with the concept because as I upload most of my stuff in flickr, I had a hard time putting labels in each of the 200 photos/upload.

Finally they are on Alpha stage, the first release to the early adopters community with a lot of disclaimers about Riya being buggy, inconsistent and unstable. It would also be CPU intensive as you upload the first batch of photos. The killer disclaimer is that they may have to flush down all your photos when they go into beta. It is available only available on Firefox/ WinXP, so I’m not sure how do I upload my iphoto pics to this site.

After all this, I’m still willing to try it out because I’m a sucker for all these alpha sites that I believe would do well in the future. Will see. By the way, the alpha is by invitation only so sign up in the Riya homepage.

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  • Darn!

    Yeah, if you can find a PC (I know, that’s a total pain in the arse…I, too, use Mac and had to ‘go PC’ to upload my photos), you can still search and tag on your Mac.

    We are working on that for the next release, though. Rock on Mac nation!


  • yeah I know what you mean. so we’ll bare this for now…

  • Tara, you really are a chief blogger. You found your way to our part of the world.

    So since you’re here… did Google buy Riya?