Rounding Up the Various Rumors About the Upcoming 'LG G7'
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Rounding Up the Various Rumors About the Upcoming ‘LG G7’

LG experienced a mixed bag of fortunes in 2017, especially with the releases of the LG G6 and the LG V30.

While technically, these phones gained praise and good reviews, they simply did not hold a candle in sales against giants like the Samsung Galaxy S8. With 2018 now here, LG needs to create a market-shattering smartphone that will ensure a spot for them in the competitive land of smartphone-making. Fortunately, a few details currently exist, so let’s go over what we know.

  • It probably will not be named the LG G7

A report came up on January 3 hinting that LG might rebrand their G-series devices, in favor of a phone that will come in the first half of 2018. Technically, though, it will still be the successor to the G6.



  • The phone might run on Snapdragon 845

Looking back, while the 821 was a competent chipset, it still fell short against the Snapdragon 835. Rumors point to LG avoiding this kind of blunder by competing directly with modern specs. Overall, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 greatly improves upon the 835, offering speed improvements, better camera performance, and faster cell speed.

  • Expect a curved OLED display with slim bezels

The LG V30’s influence will resonate with LG’s 2018 flagship. Obviously, this move will act as a response to the recent trend of smartphones taking the bezel-less, all-screen design. Expect curved screens and OLED displays with the ‘G7’.


  • An official announcement or teaser in February

The same rumor source that pointed to a Snapdragon 845 chipset, also points to at least a teaser in February. Fortunately, this may carry weight as it follows a familiar pattern. The G6 was announced on February 26 and the G5 saw an unveiling on February 21, with both happening at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. On a related note, MWC 2018 happens on February 26, so we’ll likely hear more news from LG at that time.

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