Ruby On Rails

When I was looking for a PHP and a MySQL Cheat Sheet at I Love Jack Daniels, I stumbled upon a Ruby on Rails cheat sheet. That was the time when I was giving consultation to a certain thesis group developing a web-based application. Since Ruby on Rails was new to me at that time and I really do not have the luxury to study it, I decided to postpone my quest.

I made a compilation of resources on Ruby on Rails earlier and these are:

Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials
Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet by Blake Kendall
Ruby on Rails Wiki

You could check out this page if you’d want to try RoR.

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  • irvin

    It’s really funny to think that RoR is getting all the buzz, when in fact their website is powered by PHP.

    • Grace



      * Linux system management
      * Amazon EC2 cloud management
      * Monitoring
      * MySQL operation and tuning
      * Development of system operations scripts in Ruby
      * Development/maintenance of Ruby on Rails application

      Please feel free to send their resume to our Human Resources at [email protected]

  • j4s0n

    are they? isnt it like it’s just a url that outputs an image. i don’t think so.

    btw, good resources….

    here’s some from my bookmarks

    here’s for Ruby Programming

    and btw, i suggest buying the book Agile Web Development On Rails. That would be a good start. I have one myself, very good book. Suggests also buying Pragmatic Programming

  • irvin


    It’s not just a url pointing to an image. It is one of the PHP Easter Eggs[0] that only works on PHP resources. And it can be turned off easily.


  • ok then you’re right.

    anyways, does not matter anyway. if it’s then, the website is just php enabled. enabled & powered are different. almost all servers nowadays are.

  • sparkle

    I totally disagree with others that ROR site is PHP enabled. They are totally Rails driven. If you have visited which is there official Project Management tool for the web, they are supporting more that 500,000 users who are collaborating over the net. Flickr is one example of plug-in for there framework. is made of ROR. There are lots of good sites made of ROR where I would like to list them to everybody.

    If you dig dipper into Ruby on Rails, there is magic behind it that can make programmers happy. Just as an example looking at its CVM(Controller-View-Model) architecture, you’ll be amazed how Rails put the skeleton upfront to you. Ruby is very popular in Japan and Europe.

    With the release of v1.1, there are lots of cool stuffs added to the framework. You can build application 10x faster than Java. The community of Rails is going strong and I certainly would like to see it finally drive the nails in the coffin of programmer’s angst.

  • agreed!!!!!!!!

  • rubyist

    Dude if you put anything after the .org/, RoR site is happy to handle that, that does not mean they are PHP enabled. Try these…!

  • There has been significant job available on the US market today looking for ROR developers so this is good web framework to study thereby upgrading your resume.

  • Ruby on Rails is a good starting point if you want to learn about the MVC pattern and Agile methods of software development.

  • It is good to knowing method of software development with ruby on rails

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  • i’ll still pick java over ruby. ruby seems promising. anyways, those who are willing to learn java, you may point your browsers here:

    hope it helps 🙂

  • Amar

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  • Isabel

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  • Suraj

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  • Thanks for sharing such a useful information sharing.

  • Thanks this looks like a great list. I already read a few on here, but it’s always good to expand that. Thank goodness for Google Reader!